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Lunch with Paralympic Gold Medalist Benoît Huot and his Mom, Lucie

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege to be invited to lunch with Paralympic Swimmer and Gold Medalist Benoît
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Tide vs. Bright Green Popsicle & Blue Slush Puppy: Who Won?

As many of you know, I have been putting Tide Ultra Stain Release to the test by having my kids get
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Purple Crayon, Red Chalk, Glitter & Glue…Tide Ultra Stain Release: Test #2

As promised last week, I decided to put Tide Ultra Stain Release to the test with tougher stains. This time it
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Potting Dirt vs. The White T-Shirt: Putting Tide Ultra Stain Release to the Test

I remember watching the Tide commercials as a child…watching Moms get ‘ground in dirt’ out of kids’ clothes using Tide. Well, this
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Yes, I Also Wear COVERGIRL On TV :)

I am often asked if I do my own makeup when I do my segments on BT. The answer is
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What it means to be a P&G Mom

As some of you may remember, I mentioned a while back that I had been chosen to be a P&G
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