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7 Recipes to Try This Passover

As Passover approaches, many of us are planning the menu for the Seder(s). Some of us even meal plan the entire week to make sure we have some variety in the week. It’s kind of funny as it is entirely possible to make a whole variety of meals that are Protein+Veg+Starch, but somehow we feel like our options are so limited because bread, pasta (and for many who observe Ashkenazi tradition, rice,) are off the table.

Over the years, I have developed some recipes of my own as well as tried some that I have found, and I decided to share a post featuring some of my favourites. Some, you may already make some version of (eg Matzah Pizza), others you may not have even thought of before. I hope you’ll be inspired to try one or all and let me know what you think!

1- Baked Feta Gnocchi

Last year we kicked my regular Passover gnocchi up a notch…and the indulgent result certainly did not have us feeling deprived of anything!

2- Shawarma Lettuce Wraps

Who says leftovers have to be boring?

3- Baked Potato Skins

Who says you can’t have Super Bowl Snacks on Passover?

4- Almond Macaroons

You will want to have these year-round!

5-Strawberry Feta Salad

6-Gnocchi Arrabiata

These gnocchi are so yummy that I sometimes make them even though it is NOT Passover!

7- Matzah Pizza

Still a family favourite, especially when paired with a Greek salad 🙂

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  1. They look tasty!

    Maybe I’ll try some of these recipes next year.

  2. Hi I would like some receipts for Passover main meal , side dish and deserts

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