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Thoughts after my Sparkling 7-Day Challenge to #RethinkYourDrink

I have spent the last 7 days taking the Sparkling 7-Day Challenge.

For 7 days, I attempted to take small, achievable steps to wellness and to replace at least one beverage daily with Nestlé Pure Life Sparkling.

So, how did I do on my little journey to wellness?

Better than I expected.

I guess when it comes to self-care, the number one most important thing is awareness. I felt this week that somehow, the cans of Sparkling on my desk, in the car,  in the fridge door served as constant reminders to take little steps.  I was aware of trying to take better care of myself…so I did 🙂

Here are some of this week’s Instagram posts so that you can get a feel for what I did:

Off to a meeting with @nestlepurelifeusa #Sparkling instead of #coffee #RethinkYourDrink #smallsteps

A photo posted by Tanya Toledano (@montreal_mom) on

#walkinsteadofdrive to the bank #smallsteps #step3 #RethinkYourDrink #exercise #errands #2for1 #feelsgood

A photo posted by Tanya Toledano (@montreal_mom) on

Back at the #gym to #workout 1st time in months! #smallsteps #biggerstep #Step4 #RethinkYourDrink #takingcareofme

A photo posted by Tanya Toledano (@montreal_mom) on

A little #sparkle for Saturday night that won’t have me falling asleep by firelight! #RethinkYourDrink

A photo posted by Tanya Toledano (@montreal_mom) on

First#bbq #steak of the season…perfectly paired with @nestlepurelifeusa #Sparkling #blackcherry #RethinkYourDrink

A photo posted by Tanya Toledano (@montreal_mom) on

Nothing like starting off the day with an early morning walk! #smallsteps #Step7 #RethinkYourDrink #takingcareofme

A photo posted by Tanya Toledano (@montreal_mom) on

Packed a #lunch & @nestlepurelifeusa #Sparkling , of course! #smallsteps #healthy #RethinkYourDrink #takingbettercareofme

A photo posted by Tanya Toledano (@montreal_mom) on

As you can see, my small steps added up to something…

I took the stairs instead of the elevator one day, I walked to the bank with my hubby instead of driving on another. I actually got my butt in gear and went to the gym for the 1st time in 3 months!

Things really started to shift when I showed up at a meeting bearing berries & Nestlé Pure Life Sparkling Water for the gang, LOL!

I also started packing lunches. For me this small step is actually a HUGE step.  I will often pack lunches for my hubby and make sure there is food ready for the kids to prepare their lunches, but even when I pack my own lunch, I rarely take the time to eat it.

Somehow, though, the Sparkling 7-Day Challenge not only inspired me to pack a healthy lunch, but on Sunday, I bought enough supplies to ensure that I would have a healthy lunch every day for the upcoming week.  It all came to the office yesterday so there is no chance of forgetting anything:)

Here’s a peek inside the cooler bag: lettuce, mixed greens & matchstick carrots, grilled chicken breast and lemon juice…among other goodies 😉



Now- If you’re wondering whether or not I actually ENJOYED drinking Pure Life Sparkling Water, let’s just say that on most days, I enjoyed more than one serving and that the supply sent to me to try ( a case of 12 cans & several bottles) was exhausted within a day or two & I have since re-stocked twice!

The kids LOVE it, with the all-time favourite being the Black Cherry (only available in the bottle – not in cans).  It is out of this world amazing!

Honestly, though, the flavours are all terrific.  The first time my daughter took a sip of the lemon-lime, she exclaimed: “Mommy! This is REALLY good!!!!”

Yes it is…and given that it has zero sodium, zero sugar & zero artificial flavours….it’s not only good… it’s AWESOME 🙂

Another note following my Sparkling 7-Day Challenge: I am honestly drinking less coffee.  I don’t know if it’s related or not, but I am…When I was challenged to replace coffee with Pure Life Sparkling Water, I was thinking  “There is NO way that is going to work” . Well, guess what?  While I am definitely still drinking coffee, I am absolutely drinking less of it. Even my husband noticed… (incidentally, he is, too 😉

So, What are you waiting for?  If you’re feeling like you want to get a little kick-off to wellness, why not try to start with the Sparkling 7-Day Challenge?

Not only will you receive a coupon to save $3 off a case of Nestlé Pure Life Sparkling Water, but you will also be entered to win a luxurious weekend away in Toronto! You can read about how to do that by visiting my post from last week:  Taking the Sparkling 7-Day Challenge: #RethinkYourDrink

With that I wish you day of Sparkling awareness!



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  1. Small changes make such a huge difference. I’ve been trying to cut junk food but I’m having such a hard time. I need to start taking better care of myself again.

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