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Realistic Resolution #1: 8 Tips to Make a Regular Date Night a Reality (and a GIVEAWAY from COVERGIRL!)

It’s that time of year again- The time of New Year’s Resolutions. We resolve to do all sorts of things. Sometimes we resolve to stop resolving to do things.

This year, I thought I’d do s series of “Realistic Resolutions” to suggest. As a dear friend of mine often says- If they resonate with you, keep them. If not – throw them out.

As you know, I also happen to be a #PGMom and in December we were encouraged to go out on a Date Night with Covergirl 😉 This provided the inspiration for the 1st post of my series: Realistic Resolution #1: 8 Tips to Make a Regular Date Night a Reality. I’m confident that this is a worthwhile resolution because it has done a world of good for my husband & I 🙂

I’m sure that it wouldn’t surprise you to hear that with 4 kids, my hubby and I have a very hard time getting through a conversation uninterrupted.

In some ways, as the kids have gotten older, it gets easier, while in others, it’s somewhat more difficult.

When the kids were younger, bedtime was earlier, so we had more opportunity to catch up in the evenings. The kids now go to sleep later and the demands of both of our businesses have grown, so as much as we try to leave work at the office, it doesn’t always work out.

IMG_4094That’s why we have Date Night.

We used to do Date Night only every few months, then we got into a once every month or two.

We later went through a few months (many years ago) where we managed to find someone to babysit once weekly so that date night became more routine. It was great until demands on her schedule made it impossible.

We then went back to the ‘on rare occasions’ date night. It was difficult. We literally had to make meeting times to catch up with each other. A few months ago we decided that Date Night is a priority and needs to be non-negotiable (unless, of course, there are extenuating circumstances).

It’s actually made a huge difference. It’s provided a a chance for uninterrupted conversation, a mini-escape from our hectic week and a chance to be a couple as opposed to a couple of parents, even if just for a few hours.

Unfortunately, due to winter break and an unusually hectic 1st week ‘back’, our last date night was in December.

That said, this week we have plans to take back Date Night!!!

Throughout the month, I will share some ideas for what I call “Realistic Resolutions” and Date Night is one of them.

I am also sharing a few tips on how to achieve success in your resolution.

  1. PRIORITIZE DATE NIGHT, BUT PLAN REALISTICALLY: My husband and I schedule date night once weekly but depending on your schedule and budget, that may actually be impossible. Schedule something on a regular basis that is realistic- if it needs to be every second week or once monthly, then just schedule it that way, but schedule it.
  2. IN.YOUR.CALENDAR: When I say schedule, I mean IN YOUR CALENDAR. IN ADVANCE. LIKE A MEETING..and it’s not tentative. If something comes up (like your child’s school pageant, or someone is sick) & you must miss it, reschedule it immediately as you would a business meeting or medical appointment
  3. PICK A DAY: It’s great when your date night is the same day of the week (or month) as it gives you something to look forward to. For example: “Every Wednesday night” or second Tuesday of every month.  Do what works for you, but this has been the best way for us 🙂
  4. DO A BABYSITTING SWAP: If babysitting is a problem- try finding another couple in the same boat as you & swap babysitting nights – so e.g. the 1st Thursday of every month, you or your spouse goes over to babysit their kids while they have date night and on the second Thursday of every month , one of them stays to babysit your kids. (My hubby and I did this a few times- it was a bit challenging to schedule but we were so happy each time we got to go out (as were the other couple!)
  5. USE GIFT CARDS AND DEALS: Budget is of concern to everyone, yet we often forget about those unused gift cards in the nightstand drawer- dig them up and use them! Also, trolling sites like Living Social for daily deals on restaurants and entertainment can provide inspiration for affordable date nights that allow you to explore new venues or experiences. (Note: If you are a Costco member, you can buy gift cards for certain restaurants at Costco for approx. 20% less than their face value)
  6. IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE DINNER. OR A MOVIE: We often ‘go with the flow’ – if we feel more like lingering over a long meal- then we’ll choose a place that suits it. If we’re not so much in the mood to eat out, then we may save a few bucks, eat at home & spend the evening browsing around the mall – even if there’s nothing to buy 😉 (We particularly love Carrefour Laval because somehow that mall feels like it’s “out-of-town”. A spa date night where you get a couples massage is also a great idea- Use up those spa gift cards & if you have insurance- BONUS: claim back your spend 🙂 There are lots of ways to spend time together.Honestly, my hubby and I have even made a date night out of Costco returns followed by a long leisurely walk in the neighbourhood. We’re happy to spend time together. Whatever works 😉
  7. Just Go!
    Just Go!

    DON’T TRY TO MAKE IT PERFECT. JUST GO: Don’t overfocus on ‘perfecting’ the date night.  This can be difficult at first. When you haven’t been out in so long, it can be tempting to spend too much energy worrying about not being in the right frame of mind, trying to pick the perfect place, etc.  In our experience this rarely works- there are too many variables in a hectic life with kids. So when one of the kids has a tantrum 20 minutes before you go- don’t cancel because the night is ruined- GET OUT AND SAVE YOURSELVES! If the restaurant you were in the mood for has no room left – pick another. The object is to be together, in a place where you don’t have to be responsible for younger beings for just a few hours.

  8. SPRUCE UP TO GET INTO THE MINDSET: At least most of the time, do something to feel ‘spruced up’ before you go…so it feels like a date. Remember the days of dating when we took time getting ready for our evening out?  I, myself, was never a ‘get ready for 3 hours’ kind of girl, but I did like to make sure that I looked ‘presentable’. So even if it’s just undoing your ponytail and brushing your hair out and a quick coat of mascara & lip gloss, at least you will be ‘setting the tone’ and your mind set will be more in ‘date night’ zone, as opposed to ‘what’s next on the schedule?’ zone.  That said- if you’re having one of those nights where the choice is to go without sprucing up or to not go because you.just.can’t. spruce up…choose the former and go out anyway 😉 Remember the focus: To be together, away from the responsibility over younger humans for a couple of hours 🙂

Now – in order to encourage you to keep this resolution and to help with your ‘sprucing up’ I am happy to be giving away a Date Night Prize Pack courtesy of COVERGIRL 🙂

Although I do not have a photo for you, the prize pack includes:


Personally – Some of these are products I myself use on a regular basis 🙂

You all know how I feel about the Clump Crusher Mascara. best.mascara.ever. (at least for someone like me who has trouble getting it on smudge-free!)

Although I am WAY more of a lip gloss person that a lipstick person, I have come to love my Colorlicious lipstick from COVERGIRL in Caramel Kiss!

This summer I wore my Smoochies Sizzle Gloss in Blind Date so.many.times.

Smoochies Lipslicks continue to be my lipcolor of choice 🙂

I have also been using the Olay Regenerist micro sculpting cream daily – not sure of the effects yet…time will tell, I guess!  I can say that I find the cream to be a great weight – light enough not to feel greasy, but creamy enough to feel like it’s doing something LOL!

IMG_4085Although not part of the giveaway, I must mention that I have been using “THE DE-PUFFER” from COVERGIRL & OLAY as my daily concealer for probably close to a year now. (Yes, I made the switch from my previous brand- which I still love)
The Flamed Out eye pencil is perfect for a quick ‘spruce-up’ before heading out on Date Night and is in fact what I wore in the photos shown above (along with the other products in the photo right here).

In order to ENTER THE #PGmomGiveaway you must:

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Wishing you a wonderful day where you resolve to Date your spouse again 🙂 Tanya

Disclosure: I am a P&Gmom/mamanP&G. As part of my affiliation with this group I receive products and special access to P&G events and opportunities. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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  1. Date Night would make a difference me (our) life (lives) because life is so hectic that despite our best intentions, there just doesn’t seem to be time to connect as 2 people during a regular week. Between managing homework, managing the logistics associated with extra curricular activities, coordinating other child-centered events (such as play dates), both of us having full time jobs/careers, having responsibilities associated with ageing parents of our own … by the time everyone is in bed, it is 22h00 and one of us is either already asleep or we’re both just too exhausted to do anything but collapse. Date night that is scheduled in advance, planned for and adhered to on a regular basis (be it weekly, bi monthly, monthly) would ensure that we could regroup as a team, both in the management of our family, and in nurturing our partnership as a couple.

  2. i follow on twitter! @jemrah1

  3. A date night would make a big difference in my life right now. My hubby and I haven`t had a date night in forever,,,and are under a lot of stress,,I think a good date night would make both of use feel a lot better and stress free!

  4. I follow @PGeverydayCA on Twitter

  5. Follow @montreal_mom on Twitter

  6. Date night would make a difference in my life as it would actually get me out of the house instead of wanting to stay home all the time. I’m too comfortable at home and get lazy in just wanting to stay in.

  7. I Follow @PGeverydayCA on Twitter @glogirl3

  8. I Follow @montreal_mom on Twitter @glogirl3

  9. I subscribe to your RSS feed via Netvibes.

  10. A date night would make me feel younger once again! ? ? Been married forever, nice to switch up the routine.

  11. Follow @PGeverydayCA on Twitter, I am @toothfairycyber

  12. Follow @montreal_mom on Twitter I am @toothfairycyber

  13. Date night would make a difference in my life as it would get me out of the house and give me an excuse to dress up.

  14. I follow @PGeverydayCA on Twitter @carollushka

  15. I follow @montreal_mom on Twitter @carollushka

  16. A date night would make a big difference in my life right now because I definitely need to get out of the house for a break.

  17. Following @PGeverydayCA of twitter @fossie55

  18. Following @montreal_mom on twitter @fossie55

  19. Date night would make a difference for me by giving my husband and I some alone time without the kids. To go to the movies and see a movie we want to see. lol

  20. I Follow @PGeverydayCA on Twitter

  21. I Follow @montreal_mom on Twitter

  22. A date night would be so much fun for my hubby and I!

  23. I follow @PGeverydayca on Twitter (@jemsw16)

  24. I follow @montreal_mom on Twitter (jemsw16)

  25. Follow @PGeverydayCA on Twitter (leave your Twitter handle in the comments section of this post) i’m JACKALJARROD

  26. Follow @montreal_mom on Twitter (leave your Twitter handle in the comments section of this post) finished!! i’m JACKALJARROD

  27. “Why / how do you feel that Date Night would make a difference in your life?” I think that for the two of us, after 25yrs (jan 10th!!) that we are very comfortable with each other and date night is just being able to go to the city and grab something to eat or me just going in because he wants me with him (which I find somewhat weird actually..cus its like, he’s going into the city to buy paint for his woodworking and he just basically wants my company …) we’ve been together longer then just 25 yrs, and sometimes I can’t sleep so go outside and clear off the snow on his car, some nights he surprises me and brings home take out from the city…. there are good years and there are not so good years in all relationships

  28. Tweet #2

  29. We are going to celebrate our 25 in October…We go on dates because it’s fun and it’s never been a pressure thing.We really enjoy any time we spend together.We like hanging out really even if it’s just over coffee.

  30. Follow@PGeverydayCA on Twitter @vintagebased

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