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April 2020

Frozen Leftover Chicken Pieces Converted to a Yummy Dinner

I have been trying to use up odds and ends of things that I have found in ‘the belly of
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The Golden Calf was a Mistake…Let’s Not Repeat it.

Just to be clear, I am not speaking in literal terms of creating an actual golden calf.  I am talking
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Easiest-Ever Almond Macaroons for Passover (or Not!)

This year, I had a bag of almond flour for Passover and really wanted to try my hand at making
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Easy Matzah Pizza for Passover

Matzah Pizza has been a Passover classic in our home for years.  That said, there are many ways to make
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Leftover Turkey? Make Shawarma Lettuce Wraps!

We had some leftover turkey breast from our Passover Seder and I wanted to use it up in a creative
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