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March 10, 2010

Sweet Potato (Baby Food)

INGREDIENTS 1-2 sweet potatoes, washed & pricked with a fork several times Cooled (or just warm) boiled water METHOD Bake
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Carrots (Baby Food)

Carrots 1/4 lb (3-4) medium carrots, peeled, trimmed & washed 4 c. water (to boil) Cooled (or just warm) boiled
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Butternut Squash (Baby Food)

INGREDIENTS 1 butternut squash Cooled or warm boiled water METHOD Preheat oven to 350 degrees Cut a butternut squash in
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Apricot (Baby Food)

Ingredients 1 c. dried apricots (sulfite-free), pitted Boiling water to cover Method Place apricots in bowl Cover with boiling water,
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Apple (Baby Food)

Ingredients 2-3 apples*, washed peeled & chopped in 1″ cubes * Suggested: Macintosh, Golden Delicious as they have a softer
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