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12 Things to do with Kids In & Around Montreal this Winter Break

Because people have been asking me…here are just a few ideas of what to do with the kids in & around Montreal during the break:

(1) Get the kids on skis -weather permitting 

If your kids have never gone skiing before- sign them up for a few lessons!  For West Island families  I highly recommend Mont Rigaud as it is SO close by & the perfect place to get started! Remember to register ahead of time.

(2) Take in a WORLD JUNIORS HOCKEY game

Attend one or more of the IIHF World Junior Hockey Championship games !  Tickets start at $30 🙂

(3) Get your slide on!

Head up north for tubing- Our family loves Glissades des Pays d’en Haut, but you can also go to Mont Avila ‘next door’.  Remember to wear a helmet and if you can, bring goggles!

(3) Visit the Montreal Science Centre in the Old Port

If the weather is mild enough, you can then plan to just walk around in the old port and ‘feel like a tourist’ in your own city 🙂

(3) Go Skating –  Indoors or out 🙂

For indoors, try: Tiny Tots Mornings –Skating at Atrium Le 1000

(4) Enjoy the Big Screen !

Take in a movie…We just saw SING and it is absolutely fantastic!  My husband whispered to me in the theatre…”This soundtrack we can get for the kids!

(5) Visit the Botanical Gardens

They currently have the Under the Palms and Banana Trees exhibit on 🙂

(5) Take in the tropics ( and visit the arctic)

A visit to the Biodome is always fun for the kids ( and even the adults)

(6) Railway Christmas at Exporail

Kids love trains and if you have not yet been to Exporail, you should go…it’s a great experience. They have loads of old trains to see and even board.  You can even sign up for Christmas Tea! ( until Jan 8)

(7) Glow-in-the-Dark Mini-Putt

The Putting Edge has multiple locations in & around Montreal and is a hit with the whole family. The glow-in-the-dark atmosphere adds to the fun as does the great music they have playing.  Remember to wear something white…the kids love how it glows 😉

(8) Indoor Ropes Course

While I haven’t experienced it, I’ve seen it & hear great things: It’s in Laval: MAZE-N-Games.

(9) Do you want to build a snowman? …Or a FORT?

If you’re just looking to get the kids outdoors but aren’t in the mood for a whole ‘outing’…So long as we get some snow, just go for some old fashioned fun… TIP: An under-$10 investment in one of those ‘igloo block moulds’ can ensure hours of fun for kids with the urge to build!

(10) Choose from a variety of activities ( some FREE!) at Chateau Ramezay

You can visit the ‘Around the Fireplace‘ exhibit, or choose something different: From baking, to holiday selfies “New France style”, there are a variety of activities you can enjoy…Check them out by clicking here

(11) Visit the Petting Zoo at Quartier Cavendish ( until Dec 31st)

Somehow the kids always seem to love a petting zoo ….

(12) Take in some FIREWORKS at the Old Port on Jan 7

You can find the schedule here

And if you’re looking for more…Don’t forget to visit the EVENT CALENDAR to see what’s on in & around our fair city…it’s updated at least once weekly!

And because there is always so much going on…Please feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments section below!

Wishing you & the entire family a fabulous rest-of-winter-break and all the best of health & happiness for 2017 & beyond!



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