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Wordless Wednesday-SOS Laundry!

I definitely don’t believe in airing out your dirty laundry on the internet…but what about the clean stuff??

So for all of you who think I’ve always got it all under control: Take note. That is clearly not always the case.  Despite all the organizing and plans, sometimes something’s gotta give, and this week, it’s been the laundry…I mean it’s washed and clean, it’s just in need of folding… and being put away.

An excellent after dinner & after homework activity for this evening 🙂

Ever feel like your laundry is out-of-control?  Anything else?

Happy folding!



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  1. The laundry in our house seems to multiply when we are sleeping.

    • So that phenomenon is not just in our house?!?!?

  2. Hey! I was expecting much worse! (I’ve had much worse…) And so? Did you manage to get help with this activity? Thanks for being so honest and true xo

    • Thanks Julia 🙂 I got some help from hubby & the kids and we got it done! Have a super day! xo

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