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Wonderful Wedges

As per yesterday’s blog post, this winter break was fraught with misadventure.  That said, I maintain that it was fabulous to get away and the unplugging, for me, was essential.  I definitely want to share some of my experiences with you so that maybe they can help you to avoid similar misadventures, but rather than speaking of misadventures today, I’d prefer to talk about something so much more…FUN!

While in Florida for the winter break, I was introduced to a wonderful place called The Village at Gulfstream Park.  It is located in Hallandale Florida and is a world of its own.  I may reserve a blog post sometime in the future to just talk about The Village, but for now, I just want to share with you about this FABULOUS pair of shoes that I got there.

They caught my eye, calling me from the shop window on my first-ever trip to The Village.  On a subsequent visit, I decided to actually try them on. WOW!!! I can’t tell you how comfortable they are!  I hemmed & hawed a bit, as I wasn’t in “spending” mode…but thought better of it and about how much time & money I’d be spending later on this year to find great & comfortable summertime shoes that will be both comfortable and beautiful AND be suitable for work, running errands and date night. And after all…sometimes we have to treat ourselves…It was an “I’m worth it” moment!

They are just the perfect shoe, by my standards at least. I am extremely fussy about shoe comfort.  If they are not comfortable I won’t wear them. Period. So- to start off, these shoes are wedges.  My absolute favorite.  You can get that great “long legged” look that comes with heels without the discomfort. In addition, because the entire shoe is on a ‘platform’, it gives additional height, without the need for you to effectively be walking on your tippy-toes. That said, we all know that not all wedges are created equally. Well, let me just say this: These wedges are made of cork! Can you get any lighter??? And between the cork and the sole of your foot lies a layer of soft, cushiony suede… just imagine what it feels like to take a step!

Ok- so we’ve talked all about the comfort but what do they look like?  In my opinion: stunning!   Crafted in Indonesia, made with suede uppers and decorated with stones and genuine Czech crystals and other natural elemaents, the designs are fabulous and unique.  The style shown is of the pair that I purchased.  They are called the Love-Low, and I can honestly say that I am in love with my Loves! I was thrilled to get the last pair in the store in my size!

So what brand are these fabulous shoes?  They are Skemo by Argentinian designer Romina Habermann. There are only  three Skemo-brand stores worldwide, and only one of those stores is in North America.  If you plan to be in south Florida anytime soon, it’s worth a trip just to try them on.  That said, I had a hard time keeping it down to one pair…It’s hard to leave shoes behind when they fit both the comfort and style prerequisites!  If you are inclined to order online, you can check them out at, but online prices tend to be slightly higher than the price in-store.

And yes, for those of you attending conferences or trade shows in the summer months- I think this shoe fits the bill.  For all my BlogHer Buddies out there: This may just be the perfect pair, girls!!!!

Have you ever tried Skemo?  What did you think? What is your favourite pair of shoes (any brand)? How important is comfort when you pick your pair?  Please share!

Have a terrific Tuesday!


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