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Women Sharing Wise Words

I recently attended a networking luncheon where the theme was “This I know for sure” and everyone in the room shared a few words of wisdom.

Some are ‘original’ and others are well-known quotes or sayings, but all resonated with the women in the room, and I hope that they resonate with you as well.




“Anger & resentment only consume the vessel they are contained in”

“If you have one foot in yesterday & one foot in tomorrow you piss today away”

“You can only earn what you become”

“The universe has my back”

“G-d thought you were a good idea”

“The things I put off the longest don’t take up nearly as much time as I thought they would”

“We need to curb our need to talk so we can really listen. In other words:  Talk less. Listen more”

“The world is my mirror, so if I want to know how I’m doing, I look at the people closest to me in my life…”

“Success is not to be pursued. Success is attracted to the person you become”

“None of us is getting out of here alive”

“I am so grateful to be a woman.”

“Whether I think I can or I think I can’t, I’m right.”

“Life is short.  All we have is today.  East dessert first”

“We, as older girls,  need to empower the young women of tomorrow”

“Working with seniors, you can be surprised at how many have lost a child. Our children are so valuable and precious.”

“Rome was not built in a day”

“Dreams do come true”

“Learn from yesterday.  Hope for tomorrow.  Live for today”

“Never give up”

“Live life in the moment.  Savour it.”

“When you look into the eyes of a senior, there are an abundance of jewels in there but they can’t all be shared”

‘As secret is not a secret if you tell even one person”

“People that matter don’t care and people that care don’t matter.”  (Don’t worry about those who stand on ceremony)

“The law of reciprocity has learned to give and has learned that I can receive (not money but by helping people) “

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”


“I want to have goodness & kindness in my life.”

“Random Acts of Kindness lift my spirit. Little acts you can do uplift your spirit and uplift others”

“It’s better to be kind than to be right”

There were even more that I just wasn’t fast enough to catch on paper…

There were also a few more that I didn’t share as we were short on time, but I will share them with you:

Honesty IS the best policy.

Everything in moderation including moderation

We’re all connected

Trust your gut

When you’ve gotta go…you’ve gotta go!


Thank you to all the fine women who shared their wisdom.

I would love to hear your words of wisdom…what you “know for sure”?  Please share!

Wishing you a great day,


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  1. What I know for sure, is that as crazy and hectic as
    life can be, I must check myself: am I putting my
    family in my priorities? Because the answer is
    sometimes no, so I have to stop what I am doing and
    remember that without them in my life, I would be

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