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We Shall Never Forget.

I hope that you’ll forgive me as today’s post takes me away from my usual banter of parenting, recipes and work-life balance.

Today is Holocaust Memorial Day. Yom Hashoah.

I would like to ‘take a moment’ by using this space differently than I would on any other day.

I will use this space today in memory of 6 million Jews who were killed in the Holocaust.

24 years ago I had the privilege of participating in the firstever March of the Living trip.

The trip is a journey that takes teenage students to visit concentration camps in Poland.  On Yom Hashoah the students march from Birkenau to Aushwitz, but rather than being the March of death as it was for the Jews of the Holocaust, it is the March of the Living, for the Jews of today, the generations that have come from those who survived.  The trip ends with a visit to Israel to remind us that the Jewish people are very much alive and that we will keep on living. Twenty Four years later, there are students on that same journey.

In honour of Yom Hashoah, I thought it appropriate to share a song written & sung by students in my group in 1988.  While I cannot convey the feeling or the tune, I believe the message is there and I hope to keep it alive.  This is a scan of the actual song as printed 24 years ago.

We Shall Never Forget. We Shall Always Remain.



Wishing you a busy, hectic day.

The kind of day that lets us know that despite it all life goes on.

Wishing you a moment in that hectic day to stop,to remember and to acknowledge the lives of 6 million.

Wishing us all peace.


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  1. Tanya, I have chills! Thank you for sharing this poem/song. I’ve heard that the March of the Living is a phenomenal experience.

    • Thanks Sara. It really, really is.

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