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A Walk With My Daughter – #61DaysOfSummer – Day 2

Saturday morning, my youngest daughter and I were the first ones awake. We indulged in a snuggle on the couch when I remembered that we still had to pick up her next set of worksheets from Kumon ( they leave them in a mailbox for you to pick up at your convenience if your child happened to miss a session).

I seized the moment and asked my daughter if she’d like to walk over to Kumon with me to pick them up.  We filled up water bottles and embarked upon our little journey.  We walked and talked and walked and talked some more.  Once we picked up her papers, we went into a nearby Dollar Store to cool off even though we bought nothing.

We then embarked upon our journey home, stopping at the park so that she could climb the spider web & I could push her on the swings for a little bit.

I couldn’t remember the last time I had just let go to ‘go with the flow’ without regard to the time and the schedule. It was such a great feeling. In addition, we got in some great exercise!  We both noted that I should have been wearing my Fitbit to see how many steps we’d taken!

So while not particularly eventful, this walk certainly form a memory for me in my #61DaysOfSummer 🙂

Wishing you a bit of time that you carve out to spend in an unhurried, unscheduled way 🙂


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