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Tired of Losing Sports Equipment? Get Your Game Tags On!

Necessity is the mother of invention and Hockey Moms Celina Haber & Zahava Kardash NEEDED to find a better way to deal with lost and misplaced sports equipment.

Equipment is expensive and kids outgrow it very quickly as it is. That’s why when something is lost and needs to be replaced, it’s all the more frustrating for the parent shelling out the cash to replace it while knowing that their child will need a larger size in a matter of months.

With Celina living in Montreal and Zahava in Toronto, each with 2 young boys playing hockey, they knew that this frustration was not specific to their local hockey clubs and they decided it was time to do something about it. Quite frankly, they were surprised that no one had done anything about it yet.

Just labeling the equipment wasn’t enough.  There had to be a way to make it easy for the person finding the equipment to return it to its rightful owner.  Let’s face it, there can be five kids by the name of Michael Smith in any given community and without additional identifying information, even if equipment is found, it’s not easy to return.

They envisioned a registry whereby when a piece of equipment is found, it is identified with the registry’s web address so that the finder can be easily connected with the item’s rightful owner.

And so the idea for Game Tags was born.

Then came the creation of the actual label.  With Celina’s hubby in the printing industry, Zahava and Celina were able to source out an adhesive that would:

  • adhere to sporting equipment through extreme conditions: cold, heat & sweat;
  • be removable, leaving no residue, when it came time to re-sell the equipment
  • be easily written on with a Sharpie so that Moms can choose to label first & last name, name & jersey #…whatever they wish.  (Also this way a package of labels can be shared between siblings)

Yes, these Mompreneurs thought of everything and hockey parents everywhere are the beneficiaries.

It is worthy of mention that while hockey was the inspiration for this fabulous product, Game Tags can be used on all sports equipment, which is why they were designed to last through both extreme cold and hot temperatures.

Visit to order your Game Tags, which are reasonably priced.  They ship within a couple of days.  Once you’ve labeled your equipment, register it online at

More than just a label, Game Tags provide a call to action: If found, go to That way, when someone finds equipment they can go to the Game Tags website to find the rightful owner.

Kudos to Hockey Mompreneurs Zahava & Celina for seeing their vision through and launching Game Tags Inc.  May they serve as an inspiration to all moms with an idea of a product or service that will make life easier.

Now…go ahead… Get your Game Tags on!

Have you experienced the frustration of lost sports equipment? What do you think about the Game Tags concept?

Wishing you a day with everything in its place,


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