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Thoughts before Summer

As my first week of blogging comes to a close, I am very much aware, and grateful, that the school year is coming to an end.  I am ready to be on a less rigid schedule. Over the past few weeks, the year’s piano  and ballet lessons have been completed and homework is virtually done with, which gives our family a little bit of breathing room after school besides just : Home/Homework/Supper/Piano lesson or practice/Shower/Bed. It gives my kids time to just BE, which is so important.

As a WAHM (work-at-home-mom), I have enjoyed many years of flexible scheduling and have been able to juggle work & the kids during the summer, providing them with home-based activities, field trips and what we referred to as ‘Camp Toledano’.  Last year, I even launched the Camp Joey portion of, which gave moms ideas for activities that they could do with their kids while at home for the summer.  Last year I sent my kids to day camp for 2 or 3 weeks figuring that I’d get a lot of work done during that time and I’d manage to juggle for the other weeks.  The demands of the website gave me a reality check: I couldn’t do it all-not anymore, anyway.  So this year my kids will be at various day camps for most of the summer weeks and will be off  for a few when we will take time as a family.  I have committed to completing my work day by the time that I pick them up from camp so that I can be present for them upon their return.  We are all excited for the summer and for all the different things they will get to experience.  I am also excited to have the bulk of my day to work guilt-free and to allow myself the luxury of a shorter workday during the summer months to spend some time with them that doesn’t involve homework, piano practice & nagging.

As for our family time, we may just hang out in Balconville, take a short road trip or go camping (although after the storm we got caught in last year, we may skip it this year…) .  Most importantly, we will have time together.

It’s all an exercise in managing expectations. What I can expect from myself and from the summer as well as what my kids can hope to expect from me, which will be different than the norm.  It will be interesting to check back at the summer’s end and see how it all works out.

What does your family do for the summer? Do your kids go to camp? Day Camp or sleepaway? I’d love to hear which ones you recommend and why.

Have a wonderful weekend,


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  1. I really like what you wrote about the kids having time to just BE. In our house we’re already well into summer mode. Homework and school projects are winding down and so have many after school activities.
    Our kids go to different camps. Drama camp- Cabaret Kids which Selina really enjoys and Hockey camp (Nadeau Leblanc) for Matthew.
    We always plan a family vacation in the summer, we’re going on a cruise. We’ll also do some camping on several weekends, the kids really love it.

    • Thanks Avi. Love that you’re already in summer mode. Sounds like you have a fabulous summer planned. Wishing you much relaxation & connected family time as well as great camping weather. Enjoy!

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