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Thoughts Before Leaving

I woke up early this AM
Hauled my butt right out of bed
Where I’d woken up and seen beside me
Two small sleepy-heads

They were on the one side
With my hubby on the other
A.M. surprises you expect,
When you become a mother

Got into my workout gear
Grabbed water, earbuds, phone & key
And set right off to do something,
Something just for me.

With earbuds in, music blaring,
I took it to the street.
Got moving with my arms & legs,
Marching to the beat.

And as I walked along my route,
Instead of being busy-bee,
I thanked G-d for my gifts in life,
For the feet that carry me.

I’m thankful for the path I’m on
In my business, in my life.
The joys of mompreneurship,
Being Woman, Mommy, Wife.

This week I’ll go to BlogHer,
Just me, myself & I.
And even as I write this,
A tear falls from my eye

To my hubby & my children:
You make my life complete.
Thanks for all the support you show,
While I research, write & tweet.

You know you’re always in my heart,
Wherever I may be.
That you encouraged me to do this trip
Just means the world to me

And now that I have said this
I’ll say this as well to you:
Although leaving is uncomfortable
It’s just a tad exciting, too!

I’m so excited for what’s to come
Speakers, brands & peeps I’ll meet
Especially those who until now
I only know by tweet

So excited, can’t believe
Nearly on my way!
That’s why I got out of bed:
To train for the BlogHer 5K!

Do you take time for yourself?  Have you ever left on a trip without your family – for business or otherwise?  How did you find it?

Have a beautiful Sunday,












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