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Thor: Ragnarok – A ‘Pleasant’ Surprise

I had the privilege of seeing Thor: Ragnarok with my boys just before it opened last week. In case you didn’t hear, it rocked the box office last weekend…and with good reason- It was fun 🙂

I will fully admit that while I have enjoyed my share of Marvel films, I wasn’t particularly excited to see this one. That said, my kids had been talking about it for months, so I figured I’d take them. I guess my lack of enthusiasm came from one of the trailers that I had seen and I found it to be more silly than funny, to be honest.

I guess that’s why I was surprised:  The movie was actually REALLY funny, with the audience literally LOL more times than I can count. The story line was more or less a basic story of sibling rivalry issues while trying to save the world- nothing so ‘out there’…but the laughs kept coming and made it a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

I have to add that Jeff Goldblum was absolutely phenomenal as the Grand Master. I’ll attribute how well-developed his character was to the writers, but Goldblum infused that character with life and brought an energy to the role that just kicked everything up a notch (or ten!).

Marvel movies are not really created for the wee ones, so as always, I recommend checking out what has to say if you have concerns.  I can tell you with certainty that there is some ‘language’ and onscreen drinking (alcohol), as well as a considerable amount of violence, so if these are deal-breakers for your family then the movie is not for you.

That said, I think this is a great movie for families with teens (even mature tweens) and up. My boys and I thoroughly enjoyed it and I suspect that your teens would enjoy it too 🙂




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