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The Poppies – Guest Post by Kayla Toledano

It is with extreme pride that I share with you this poem in honour of Remembrance Day, written by my daughter, Kayla.

The Poppies

In Flanders fields poppies grow,
With their brilliant bright red colour growing row by row.

Many young men left their families to fight,
Strong, courageous, like shining brave knights.

Hear the cries, see the wounded, hear the gunshots fly,
Feel the wind blow swiftly, when those who fought died.

Every year on Remembrance Day a moment of silence we take,
And for people who lost their loved ones, and every soldiers’ sake.

We remember the ones, who survived,
And the ones who had a loved one, who sadly didn’t make it alive.

Think of their faces full of sorrow,
Wondering if for them there will be a tomorrow.

On remembrance day we stand strong,
That little moment isn’t that long.

We stand for a few seconds on that very special day,
and after that moment the sky is no longer gray.

In Flanders fields poppies grow,
And if you didn’t know about how poppies are special,
Now you know.

Sometimes we forget, that’s part of being human, but
For something so special like this,

–     Kayla Toledano

Please remember to take a moment to remember this Sunday.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,


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  1. Great poem Kayla!!!!!

  2. You are a very talented writer Kayla and good for you for reminding us all what a tiny sacrifice it is to just “remember” with a short moment of silence.

  3. GO KAYLA!!!!

    So talented, great job!

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