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The CUTEST Outfits Ever For Your Little Man

So…have you heard about Andy & Evan? If not, then you need to. Especially now. For photos, for get-togethers & holiday gatherings, you will NOT find cuter attire for your little man.

Ever since they were babies, I have always had a harder time finding fab clothing for my boys than I have for my girls. If you’re a mom of boys, you know what I mean.  The stores are filled with gorgeous stuff for girls from sportswear to formal wear.  For boys, the choices seem much more limited.

I WISH Andy & Evan was available when my little men were really little!

Just take a look at these adorable “Little Man” pieces:

From their classy velvet or twill Blazers…

to their warm Cashmere vests…

every piece is something you’d love to just “dress him up” in. 🙂

I think that my favourites are the Shirtzies… the collection of button-downs that are actually a onesie-so they stay tucked in!  Here you can see the solids but they are also available in plaid, gingham & pinstripe!


Andy & Evan is available for your little man up until size 4. You can check out the entire collection by clicking here.

Available at many retailers in the greater Montreal area, including: Enfantino, Kelly Green Gifts, San Remo, Boutique Pinkieblue, Blossom & Harry, Oink Oink, Boutique PinkRubi & many more.

They’re only this small once…

Seize the moment,  snap the pictures and cherish the memory.  You’ll be happy you did.  They grow up faster than you can imagine.

Wishing you a day filled with cherished moments,


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