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Are We Living Through A Modern-Day Version of the Ten Plagues?

Two weeks ago wine flowed through faucets in lieu of water in Italy…as they were getting hit with the Coronavirus. That’s when I really started to think about it.

This weekend, I literally made a list of the ten plagues and did some research into whether or not we are seeing modern-day versions/interpretations, just not in the right order. Here are some headlines (with links)…You decide.

Red Wine Flows Through Taps in Italian Town

University of Queensland campus inundated with cane toads after huge rainfall event and Toadly toxic toads are invading Florida yards: Here’s how to deal with those froggers

Starving monkey ‘gangs’ battle in Thailand

More than 1 billion animals estimated dead in Australia wildfires: Expert

Freak weather hits Australia with golf ball-sized hail following blinding dust storms and India capital Delhi enjoys unusual hail storm

Hundreds of Billions of Locusts Swarm in East Africa

‘The Darkness of the Australian Wildfires’

COVID-19 targets seniors, the ‘first-born’ of our world – This one needs no link, I think we are all too aware.

Also, Iran just let 85K prisoners go…While it’s not Egypt and not Jewish slaves, it’s in reaction to this ‘plague’ and does have a certain ‘Let my people go’ ring to it, don’t you think?

And we are on the heels of Passover.

For weeks I have had this on my mind, and many of you may think I am crazy, but as time has been passing, some of the ‘plagues’ for which I had not found a modern-day equivalent have been getting added to ‘the list’. I have to wonder is there something to this? I realize that lice and boils have not been making headlines and with school closed, lice won’t likely be making the news anytime soon…but still…

In any case, it’s something to think about, if you haven’t already been doing so. If you have, I’d love to hear from you…

Wishing you a plague-free day…actually, wishing you a plague-free year 🙂


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  1. I don’t think you are crazy! Nature is giving us a big wake up call, that is for sure. There are so many connections it is hard to ignore them…

  2. This is amazing. Hopefully, the future will be a bright one for all.

  3. There are reports that a school close down, because of lice infestation in Orlando Fl school some were. That what I heard.

  4. If you broaden the term lice to “biting insects” of this type (mites, fleas, etc) the sudden resurgence of bedbugs affecting motels, homes, even shopping centers could easily be a plague

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