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Taking a Moment for Perspective & Gratitude

I just got the best news.  Someone I care about deeply has been waiting for some test results which came after a long waiting period to actually conduct the tests.  Thank G-d, the news was good.  I am literally crying.

For those of you who know me personally, I trust that you will respect my privacy as well as the person’s in question and not inquire further.

Why am I sharing this?  Because while we all know that we need to maintain perspective, it can sometimes be difficult to do.

I try to make a habit of being grateful for my blessings but sometimes I slip.  As part of my celebration of today’s news, I am publicly declaring just a few of the things that I am grateful for and I hope that this will inspire you to take a moment to do the same.

I am grateful for the home
Where I can be warm at night
I am grateful for my family
That hug & hold me tight

I am grateful for the food
And my ability to taste
And although I’m not so proud of it
That I can afford to (sometimes) waste.

I am grateful for the health
Of those whom I hold dear
And for those who are having issues
I am grateful they’re still here

I am grateful for those in my life
On whom I can rely
I am grateful for the sunshine
For the stars, the moon & sky

I’m even grateful for the struggles
Though they may not feel effective
Because when I’m done struggling
I’ve gained a new perspective

I am grateful for so much
Though I won’t list all right away
I am hopeful that tomorrow
I will be grateful for today

I am grateful that you took a moment to stop by today.  I hope you will take a moment to be grateful, whatever your situation may be.

Please feel free to share your gratitude or experiences that brought you perspective, it will be appreciated by all who read…

Wishing you health, gratitude and perspective,


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  1. Tan – happy for your dear one and relieved for all of you who where worried. This is a very great gratitude poem.

    Recently I learned about a woman named Tracy who lives just outside of Toronto who experienced a life-changing accident while cycling 4 months ago. She’s now a quadriplegic and single mother of 3 boys. Her story brought me perspective…something easier to loose than car keys.

    And it reminded me that life exists outside of my head.

    be well.

    • There are no words. My thoughts and prayers are with her & her family.

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