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STOMP for a Cause! (and get a Gottfried laugh on while you do…)

When I heard that STOMP is coming to Montreal, I was thrilled. I had always wanted to experience it, but have not yet had the opportunity.


I was doubly thrilled to know that the proceeds will be going to ORT – the largest non-governmental educational and training network of vocational and technological schools in the world. For over 130 years, ORT has been helping individuals in 50 countries to achieve their dreams of building a successful future for themselves and their families.

The ORT Gala has become an annual event at Place des Arts in Montreal and in recent years has featured concerts by the likes of Kenny Loggins and Doobie Brothers.

In addition to the fact that ORT has, and continues to, support schools around the world, my own kids’ schools have benefitted and will continue to benefit from funds raised at the annual ORT Gala. That means that not only will I be attending and enjoying a great show, but I will be helping schools around the world as well as schools attended by my own children as well as those of many of my friends & family.

Can you say WIN-WIN-WIN???

And yet, there’s more…

In addition to STOMP, attendees will also get to enjoy a good laugh with Gilbert Gottfried.

Feeling like STOMPing for a Cause?

I thought you might 🙂

Tickets for the show are available at $50 or $100 each.

When?  Sunday, November 24 at 7:45 PM

Where? Place des Arts – Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier

There are a bunch of ways to order tickets, but if you’re interested, Shelley Paris of Herzliah High School has agreed to be the point person for my readers. Also, full disclosure: by ordering through Shelley, my daughter’s school will benefit from the ticket sale (at no additional cost to you in any way).

You can reach Shelley by email: or by phone 514-739-2291 local 224.

It’s worthy of mention that should you be feeling like contributing a little more towards the cause, then you may wish to be a Patron or a Benefactor. These tickets include a DINNER BUFFET before the show and are priced at  $225 or $325 each, respectively.  Please note that the doors will open for the dinner buffet at 6:00 PM.

Looking forward to seeing you at the show!


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