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Steak Spice Salmon


1 side of salmon filet, skin removed, rinsed
Use only half of the following ingredients if making “Half / Half salmon”:
2-3 Tbsp Montreal Steak Spice (Use half this amount if making “half-half salmon”)
1 lemon, sliced in thin rounds


  • Preheat oven to 375°

For Full recipe:

  • Place filet in large piece of aluminum foil on a cookie sheet
  • Sprinkle Steak Spice over salmon
  • Arrange lemon slices over top
  • Close up tinfoil into a sealed packet , or if filet too large, place another piece of foil over top & seal all edges

For Half/Half recipe

  • Cut filet in half
  • Place each piece on a separate sheet of foil, on a cookie sheet
  • Seal the foil around one of the pieces into a tight packet.
  • For the second piece, sprinkle with steak spice
  • Arrange lemon slices over top
  • Seal up foil packet
  • For both recipes: Bake for 20-30 minutes until cooked through

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