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So You Want To Go And Party… A Video Message to My Teens

As my kids get older, parties are becoming a ‘thing’ and while I am grateful to have good kids that know right from wrong, it does not stop me from worrying.

One morning last month, after a sleepless night, I was cleaning my kitchen as I prepared for a LIVE for 5 segment and since we would be leaving to Disney shortly, I had Disney on my mind. I randomly began singing ‘So you want to go and party’ to the tune of ‘So you want to build a snowman’…and the words just kept coming. I decided I had to write it down.

I shared the song with my husband and some of my friends.  Everyone felt I should share it online. It was missing a few lines which I finally added and I have mustered up the courage to share it.  I hope you will forgive my lack of voice skills.

Please share it with the teens or parents of teens in your life.

Wishing all of us strength to get through the teenage years….


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  1. You rock, Mom!

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