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The Science of Netflix: Binge Recovery Patterns

What do you do when it’s over?

You know…that moment when your latest BINGE series has come to an end (or is not completely over but when there are no more episodes left and you are waiting for the next season)

What do you do? ( Besides cry, like I do – especially when Gilmore Girls was over)

Well, research tells us that there seems to be a pattern that people follow:

After finishing a series, a majority of Netflix members (59%) take a pause, usually lasting three days, before committing to a new show. During that break, more than half (61%) watch a movie to keep the binge feeling alive. The little video above illustrates it perfectly 🙂

There’s more research that tells us that people actually tend to gravitate towards particular movies, depending on what series they’re ‘coming down’ from.  This chart gives some examples:


For the full list, see the chart below:

Screenshot 2016-12-22 16.50.42

So, while I guess I am an exception to the rule (I didn’t gravitate to Mean Girls or Clueless post Gilmore Girls), I’d be interested to hear from you as to whether or not you recovered from a Binge by watching one of these movies… And if you’re about to finish a series, you may want to choose one of these movies as your ‘binge break’ before your next series.

In any case…I find it fascinating how we now have all of these cool stats about how people Netflix…

I’m going to go work on my Binge List for the holidays  – I’ll be sure to share !

Wishing you a pleasant recovery 😉


Disclosure: I receive free Netflix streaming as part of the Netflix #StreamTeam. As always, all opinions contained within my posts are my own  🙂

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