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Did you say Turtles Sundae?!?!

Did you say Turtles Sundae?!?!

That’s the reaction I got each of the of the times that I mentioned to others that I was heading to McD’s to try one, have another, or to get a pic for the blog.

So the answer is YES. I did say Turtles Sundae…with pecans (if you want them). The pecans are actually served in a sealed pouch so for those who don’t want them for whatever reason, you don’t HAVE to have them.

Notice the caramel-filled ‘turtles’ (although they are upside down!) and the pouch of pecan pieces served on the side

It’s part of the line-up of Seasonal Menu items available at participating McDonald’s Canada restaurants, and bottom line:


I know it’s cold outside, but that rarely stops me when frozen treats are concerned, and let me tell you, it’s yummy 🙂


Another item on the list are the Waffle Fries. Yes, at McDonald’s! Crispy and yummy, they are filling yet leave you craving for more (because they’re crispy & yummy). You’ll want to try these (and then try them again) before they’re gone 🙂

The Seasonal Menu is being offered through December 26th, perfect timing to stop in at McD’s for a snack when you need a break from all of that holiday shopping 🙂

Alternatively, you can just give in to your craving…like I fully intend to do today at lunchtime, LOL!

Whether you spend your time shopping, skiing or just chilling out…you may want to satisfy your #SeasonsCravings with one of these treats 🙂

Happy weekend!


Disclosure: As a proud member of #TeamMcDs, I am partnering with McDonald’s Canada to bring you fun content and brand-related news. As always, the opinions on this blog are my own and can never be bought 🙂

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