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Salmas: The 4-Ingredient Cracker that I Can’t Stop Talking About…and It’s Gluten-Free.

When I was asked if I would be interested in reviewing Sanissimo Salmas, which are oven-baked corn crackers, I was definitely interested in trying a healthy snacking option, but at the same time was slightly sceptical about whether I would like a cracker enough to actually share it on

I decided it was worth giving them a try. My sample of Salmas arrived just before we left for Disney and my first time trying them was on the trip…and I LOVED them!

Not only that, I offered them to my hubby and to the kids…and they loved them, too. For the duration of the trip, whenever I opened a package the kids would flock around asking if they could have some, too.

My hubby would ask me shyly…”Can I have a pack”? He was worried that since I was reviewing them, I would have to be the one eating them, LOL! I assured him that his input as well as the kids’ had already been helpful in making me realize that this was a cracker that I could actually talk about!

I had to take this pic- I was snacking on my Salmas at Epcot, and while it’s too blurry to tell…Mexico is in the background 😉

So what is it exactly that makes me love Salmas so much?

    • The Taste: If you like tortilla chips, you will likely love Salmas- they taste like a tortilla chip, only with (in my opinion) better flavour. I say that because it tastes like you are eating a real corn tortilla chip and not some kind of ‘artificial’ food.
    • The Crispy Texture: Salmas delivers on that crispy texture that I crave. I am a chip lover, and part of the reason for that is that I love the crispy texture of chips…Salmas satisfies my craving for ‘crisp’!
    • Made with only 4 ingredients: whole grain corn flour, salt, hydrated lime & tocopherols ( I know- that last ingredient doesn’t sound too good, but it’s basically plant-sourced ingredients to maintain crispiness) Note: While hydrated lime is listed, don’t expect Salmas to be lime-flavoured, they’re not. That said- when I crumbled my Salmas over a vegetarian chili (see below) there was a slight, yet perfect, note of lime that magically presented itself…and I loved it!
    • No artificial colours or flavours: They don’t need them!
    • Satisfying: 1 package of Salmas includes 3 crackers, and I can actually be satisfied after eating just one package.  I won’t lie to you and say I don’t crave another- of course I do!  They are crispy and yummy!  That said, I usually eat one package for a snack. I may indulge in a  second if I am really hungry or want to cave to the crave 😉  They really do satisfy!
    • They are 2 Weight Watchers Smartpoints per pack! For those of you following the program, you know that 2 points for a packaged snack, especially one that helps with that crispy-carb craving, is GREAT!  Here are the Nutrition Facts:

IMG_9653 copy

    • Great crumbled up as a topper for salads or chili!  This past weekend I made a vegetarian chili and topped it with Salmas…Awesome!
    • They’re easy to Grab & Go! – I often grab 1 or two for my purse.  Note: While they are great to grab & go-note that they are also delicate so they may break broken up ‘on the go’.  Sometimes they are fine & sometimes they break, but it doesn’t bother me.  If it bothers you, save your broken Salmas for chili or salad toppers!

More good reasons to love Salmas:

  • Vegan: ( in case you were wondering)
  • Gluten-Free:  While I don’t need my snacks to be gluten-free, I love that a snack that I love, (especially a cracker) can be enjoyed by those who are following a gluten-free regime 🙂

For all of these reasons, I keep telling people about them and everyone who tries them loves them!

So…I know you all want to know: WHERE can you get Sanissimo Salmas?

They are available nationally in the dips and spreads section at mass market retailers. You should be able to find them at Walmart, Metro and IGA.  I found mine at Walmart Point Claire adjacent to the bread section.  They are also available as an add-on item at! Just click here and you will be directed to the page!
When I found them, they were in a display that looked like this:
IMG_8876 (1)
Here’s a close-up of the box you’re looking for:
I’d love to hear what you think of them- so far all to whom I have recommended Salmas have been impressed 🙂

Happy Snacking!


Disclosure: As with all sponsored posts, I will only ever share with you products and/or services I believe in. All opinions contained within are my own and cannot be bought :)

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  1. I was JUST standing in front of the Salmas cracker display at Walmart and very curious about them for our gluten-free household…gonna try these for sure! Thanks Tanya

  2. This totaly rock, there is so little I can eat but these I can go to town on! I love them with veganaise and cucumbers!
    I have also on my rare treat days made a small chicken slider and placed it on there as well, ohhh so good!

  3. Our cousin has been bringing us these crackers for years from Mexico. We have tried everything to get them here in Longmont, CO. How can we order them? Please!!!

  4. Tanya, greetings from Mexico City. Just an FYI. Salmas aren’t made with limes (the citrus fruit). They’re made with a naturally-occurring substance called calcium hydroxide, aka lime for slaking dried corn so that it can be used for making corn dough for tortillas, tamales, tostadas, etc–and of course SALMAS! I have been a confirmed Salmas fan for years, there is no better snack cracker on the market. All natural and SO delicious! Thanks for your review and I invite you to read my website.

  5. Please explain to us why “gluten-free” is a net positive for people who don’t have celiac disease.

  6. I love them. I discovered them at Food Basics Opposite us, till they demolished the supermarket and all our stores across the road! They r about to build 5 condo blocks…..meanwhile we buy Salmas online thr Gateway, Longos, and I buy QUITE a few to keep me going. My husband loves them too and I don’t feel guilty! Buttered and with …..vegemite. I lived in (the real) Sydney for 20 years hence vegemite.
    The smell immediately takes me back to the middle east, which was odd for a minute, then I loved it. Enjoy!

  7. Hydrated lime is another term for calcium hydroxide – which is used in construction materials. This is not a reference to citrus lime. The French ingredients list clearly indicates ‘hydroxide de calcium’.

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