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Reasons to Buy a Dyson: 1- Exceptional Customer Service 2- Incredible Product 3- Exceptional Customer Service

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The first company that came to mind was Dyson – You know, the vacuum people 🙂

I can tell you that with 100% certainty, that when people ask me if I would recommend the Dyson, I say YES. Just do it.

IMG_4002They ask me if it’s worth the difference.  YES. Every penny.

What they don’t expect is the reason that I tell them to ‘just do it’.

Is the machine phenomenal? It is.

Is it superior technology that does a better job?  I believe it is.

Is that the reason that I recommend it without hesitation?


It’s the customer service.

It’s the fact that Dyson seems to understand that I have a busy life.

It’s the fact that Dyson respects my time as a mom, as a business person, as a human being.

It’s the fact that Dyson bothers to put themselves into their customer’s mindset.

That’s why I, without hesitation, 100% recommend to everyone looking for a vacuum cleaner to go with a Dyson.

And no – they haven’t paid me a penny or given me any free product to say this.  In fact, I’m not certain they know that I am a blogger at all…I’m just Tanya Toledano – owner of the Dyson Ball serial number…….. 🙂

Wondering what’s so special about their customer service? I’ll tell you.

We all know that even the best-made machines can sometimes break down. It so happened that we were having an issue with our Dyson.

IMG_3998First and foremost the phone number for customer service is located…get this: ON THE ACTUAL UNIT.

We did not have to spend any time digging up warranty documents or looking for a number online, because Dyson thought to put their number ON THE UNIT. So obvious and yet so impressive, because it is rarely the case to see this.

Next: My husband made the call and explained the issue. The customer service agent suggested a fix, which my husband was concerned might snap / break a certain part. She explained that it might indeed break, but in that case it would be getting repaired anyway and that if it did not break and actually fixed the issue, then we’d have the use of our machine right away.

It did in fact snap, so she confirmed our address and let my husband know that a shipping box would arrive at our home. Once received, we could pack the box at our convenience and as soon as we were ready call the number on the box to arrange for it to be picked up at our convenience. (And yes, you can arrange to do this to & from your office address so that you are not left at home waiting for a delivery or pick up).

The box arrived within a couple of days. We packed it up later that day or next day, called, sent it back and before we knew it had our unit back in full functioning form. I think it was within a week of the pickup.

We were blown away.

I didn’t mention this earlier but the reason we bought our Dyson was to replace the state-of-the-art central vac that my parents had so generously gifted us when we bought our new home.

The central vac never fully worked and despite the service contract and numerous service calls, it never truly got fixed. It seems there was something wrong with the installation and between scheduling and waiting for service calls I must have spent at least 100 hours of my time, with no positive result.

We gave up and bought a Dyson.

The difference is that when the Dyson had the issue, every step of the way we felt that Dyson understood that we bought a unit that we were relying on and that not having it was an inconvenience.

Every step of the way, we felt that Dyson understood that it wouldn’t be fair to ‘put us out’ in order to arrange for our unit to be repaired.

Every step of the way we felt respected, appreciated and served.

Every step of the way we felt satisfied.

That’s why Dyson is the brand I recommend if people ask me about buying a vacuum cleaner.

That’s why when people ask if it’s worth the price tag I answer YES…If you can’t afford it yet, wait until you can. You’ll be happy you did.

Even though we had a second problem and went through the same thing again. It was seamless.

Things are going to go wrong with the products we purchase and the services that we contract. This will inevitably result in some level of inconvenience. It’s the way that these things are dealt with that either increase or decrease our stress level and the magnitude of the inconvenience.

Dyson gets it right. Every time.

Thank you Dyson for showing me respect and appreciation. In return, you have my gratitude, my loyalty and my recommendation.

That, my friends, it what customer service is all about.

Wishing you a fabulous week where you are treated well 🙂



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