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NEW! Pre-K Program in the West Island at Inventor STEM School!

I am going to start off this post by saying that when I first learned that Inventor STEM School is launching a new Pre-K program in the West island, I was THRILLED!

My first thought was that the community can benefit from additional quality options for Pre-K. It’s not just because finding a daycare spot can prove challenging, but the truth is that full-time daycare programs are just not for everyone. Many parents would like to enrol their child in an enriching and educational program for a half day vs a full day. This can give parents the morning or afternoon off to work, run errands and schedule a bit of time for self-care so that when their child is home they can be more present and ‘in-the-moment’. A lot of parents would prefer half days or alternating days to full time programs.

In addition, the fact that this new Pre-K option is being offered by Inventor STEM School already gives us an idea of the QUALITY of the program.

If you read here regularly, you already know about Inventor STEM School West Island’s Summer Camp and Extracurricular Program. What you may not know is that since I originally posted about these, I have received feedback from multiple parents about how much they and their child absolutely LOVE the program in which they are enrolled- whether it is camp or the extracurricular. One parent even told me that it is her child’s favourite camp 🙂

In case you are not yet familiar with Inventor STEM School, here’s a bit about them:

The school was founded in 2008 in Ukraine by Oksana and Volodymyr Stoietsky. Since then, the franchise program was launched in 2011, and today there are 35 locations including those in Ukraine, U.S.A, Canada and elsewhere. The DDO location opened in 2021 and has been successfully offering summer camp programs as well as after-school programs.

Inventor STEM school uses a project-based approach to learning and, as you may have guessed it, instill elements of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) in everything that they do. This may sound ‘a little too serious’ at first , at least with respect to 3-4 year olds, but when you understand that this learning is achieved through play, you will likely come to appreciate the ingenuity of it all 🙂

Who doesn’t love LEGO? LEGO is a huge component of how the children learn. Together, the children will imagine, design and build a project using LEGO. In putting this project together, not only will they learn about colours and numbers, but they will also learn language and communication skills and they will learn about team work.  They will learn that not everyone can be great at all the parts of the project, but that by working together as a team they can still achieve their goal.  They learn that it is important to be able to ask for help when it is needed and to be helpful to their team members when that is what is required. Not only will these kids be prepared for kindergarten, I think they will be better prepared to work in an organizational setting with colleagues than many adults that I know!

The children will have the opportunity to participate (virtually) in the worldwide LEGO Discovery Competition where they will present their own project and also discover projects built by other children their age around the globe.

If your interest is piqued by this then you will likely want to attend the school’s OPEN HOUSE WEEKEND on August 19th and August 29th, from 8AM until 12PM (Noon) on both days.

During the OPEN HOUSE, you and your child will be able to:
  • visit the school
  • meet the team
  • build with some LEGO 😉 
BONUS: Everyone who attends and registers by Monday August 22nd will also get a 300$ discount on tuition as well as a cool loot bag for all the children 🙂
You can book your spot by clicking here.

If you have not enrolled your child in Pre-K but have been hoping to find: 
  • a quality, enriching educational opportunity for your child;
  • a half-day as opposed to a full-day program;
  • some time in your day to get things done (work, errands, care for a younger child or seeing parent);
  • some time in your day for a breather, exercise or some self-care; or
  • all of the above

…then this NEW Pre-K Program at Inventor STEM School may be a perfect fit for you – be sure to check it out!

You can always get more information on the school’s website .
You can also check out their Facebook page and Instagram

Wishing you a great rest-of-summer and an even better Back-To-School!


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