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Power out Prep

We’ve already lost power in DDO, so for those expecting to lose power, Here are some tips:

1-Put kettle on so that you have hot water for coffee/tea

2-Charge cell/tablet/laptop/reader

3-If you have medical equipment requiring electricity-make sure you have battery or generator backup.

4-Dig out the sterno from the camping equipment or your chafing dish: great for warming soups, etc. (be CAREFUL when using)

5-Make sure your internet cable is handy as your modem may have battery backup but your wifi will be down

6-Related to #4: Remember that you’ll be using mobile data (3G) when the power is out in your home..$$$

7-Remember that gas stoves can be ignited manually with an ignitor or a match (again, be careful)

8-Locate your medication, flashlights, candles, matches, batteries, easy-to-eat foods & canned goods, can opener, bottled water, and place in an easy-to-access spot (keep matches & meds out of reach of children)

9-Plug in at least one corded phone in a convenient spot

10-If you have an electric garage, make sure you can easily open if you need to get out, or park outside

11-Make sure your electronics are surge-protected, including those charging.

12-To entertain kids: do a family puzzle, play board games or cards, colour or craft, read.

I hope these tips were helpful… Now go get ready! And if you have additional tips you’d like to share, please do!!!

Enjoy riding out the storm-Stay safe 🙂


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  1. We fill the bathtub as a precaution. That way we have lots of extra water.

    • Thanks so much for a great piece of advice, Tina! (Somehow I am only receiving this now…) I would just add that in families with small children & toddlers, having a bathtub full of water that’s accessible carries with it a drowning risk and is an extra thing for parents to worry about,especially when the power is out and things can sometimes get a little chaotic.For homes with older or no kids,I’m with you. If they’re little & can get around on their own, I’d be hesitant 🙂 I hope you got through everything ok. Thanks again so much for the tip & please keep them coming!

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