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Pax, My Poopin’ Pup. Powering Smiles for the Holidays :)

I love programs that spread the holiday cheer, and I was recently asked if I would be willing to help spread the news that for every pack of Duracell batteries purchased at Walmart Canada this December, Duracell will be making a donation to the Children’s Miracle Network.

Can you say LOVE?!?

Disclosure: I have received product and been compensated by Duracell to spread the word about this program. As always, the opinions on this blog are my own and can never be bought 🙂

The program actually goes even further:

Because Duracell believes in powering the imagination of sick children by helping to ensure kids can still be kids, and enjoy the magic of the season even in the midst of illness, they will be donating a year supply of batteries to hospital playrooms across the country to power smiles this holiday season and beyond…

FYI..This will be their 10th CONSECUTIVE YEAR doing so.  Honestly?  YAY Duracell!

In the spirit of Powering Imagination & smiles, they asked me to review a cool Hasbro toy that would be likely to power smiles & imagination for the kid(s) playing with it.  There were a variety to choose from, but the one that caught my attention was Pax, My Poopin’ Pup.


I had to.

My daughter would love to have a puppy, but let’s get real, I already have my hands full caring for 5 other humans ( yes, I care for my hubby too)…So I’m really not there yet on the puppy….but Pax, on the other hand, does NOT need to be walked outdoors every night, doesn’t shed and is completely hypoallergenic!

So, we asked to review Pax. He is adorable!

We made a little video to show you how he….umm…poops!  Watch here:

This definitely powered smiles in my daughter… and also powered her imagination.  Within minutes of beginning to play with him, she made him a bed! ( Note that she gifted Pax with a stuffy of his own…).  You should also note that since we shot this video, Pax now has a ribbon in HER fur…With a gender-neutral name like Pax- that works perfectly well!IMG_5292

So, if you are looking for a really cute gift for a child craving a puppy, or even a fun toy to donate to power imagination & smiles in a child who is spending the holidays in the hospital…You may want to consider Pax 🙂

Also, I hope that no matter what you need batteries for this holiday season…Consider buying Duracell at Walmart, knowing that Duracell will make a donation to the Children’s Miracle Network, in an attempt to reach their goal of a $150,000 donation.  You can be sure that the Children’s Miracle Network will put that money to good use powering a lot of smiles on the faces of kids that are otherwise having a really rough time….

To find out more on how you too can support Children’s Miracle Network hospitals to power imagination of kids throughout the holidays visit

Wishing you a day where you #PowerImagination 😉


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