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Guide to Online Grocery Shopping Where You Pick Up But NEVER LEAVE YOUR CAR.

While many of you are already experienced with this, it has come to my attention that many people have never ordered groceries for pickup or delivery.  Given that I wrote 2 posts about this in the past, I have updated them and am re-sharing so that they may be useful as a guide to you.  I will continue to update this page in the coming days.

If you have additional information/stores to add, please feel free to leave it in the comments section or to email me via the Contact Us Page and I will update as much as I can. PLEASE INCLUDE SMALL GROCERS WITH DELIVERY OR PICKUP SERVICES!  We want to support LOCAL business as much as we can.

I have focused on grocery stores where you can order online with an appointment to pick up but NEVER LEAVE YOUR CAR.  You text them from the designated parking spot and all will be placed into your trunk for you.

NO TIPPING– Even under regular circumstances, tips are not expected for this service, although they usually charge a fee which I believe has been waived by most, if not all, retailers.  If you want to keep track and tip when all this is done- keep a tab and bring them a nice tip when things are less stressed and we are no longer in a lockdown situation

I want to add that pickup appointments at this time are a few days to about a week away, so it is good to look at your inventory, estimate what you will need to get by next week and order now.

For my KOSHER readers: In my experience, Provigo has been the only retailer (specifically Pierrefonds & St Jacques locations) where I can easily search & find Kosher meat and poultry as well as other Kosher items. TIP: For chicken, beef or meat simply search Kosher Chicken, Kosher Beef or Kosher Meat. For more specific items, especially those related to Passover, you may be fine to search Matzoh or Matzah, but you will likely have better luck searching by brand name: e.g. Streits, Kedem, Manischewitz, Gene, Hadar, Oneg, 778, etc. 

For my HALAL readers: I do not have experience shopping for HALAL products, if you can please leave some tips in the comments section or email them to me directly through the Contact Us section, I will add that information as well.  Thank you in Advance!

For now, The following two posts (clickable) will take you through the process of ordering for pickup online as well as how the pickup experience works at each of the stores.  You will also see photos of the fantastic produce and groceries that I received:

15 Reasons I Love ‘Click & Go’ with Provigo

Walmart’s Grocery Pickup Service- Never Leave Your Car!

Other services available that I have not used:




Happy Shopping 🙂





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