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8 Ideas that Inspire #TheGivingEffect

I know there are loads of tear-jerking videos out there, and I’m sharing one here as well.

Given the idea of #TheGivingEffect, I was inspired to write a post about simple things that we can do to to help others in our community.

Also, the idea of sharing acts of kindness on social media…when done properly, actually does inspire others to perform acts of kindness as well.  Think about this: While slacktivism has its place, if you’ve actually performed a giving act, you’re not just slacking through it…you’re also ACTING through it & inspiring others to do so as well 🙂

So here are a few ideas that inspire #TheGivingEffect:

  1. Have the kids go through gently toys and games that they are no longer using.  Donate to a local charity that accepts these things e.g. Share The Warmth.  Not only will you all feel great about your act of kindness, your play area will be a little neater 😉 Have the kids write down how it made them feel to donate their toys to children in need. Snap & pic & share it on Social. Inspire #TheGivingEffect
  2. Do you constantly drive or walk by a place where the same homeless person is begging?  The next time you are going that way, bring an extra snack or a sandwich, or keep food in your car that you can offer them when you do drive by.  I wouldn’t recommend sharing this on social, but the little people in the back seat will surely be inspired by #TheGivingEffect
  3. Do you ever find non-perishable food items on liquidation?  Buy an amount that you can afford to donate & drop it off at a food bank!  On Friday I found Matzoh Meal at Costco at 3 boxes for $0.97! (If you don’t know what it is, it has the same application as breadcrumbs- crusting food, dumplings, etc.) I bought 102 boxes and had my sons & some friends bring it into the Mada Community Center today.  I included the kids to inspire #TheGivingEffect in them. I shared it on social, because not everyone thinks of how many mouths their dollar can feed when buying at ridiculously low prices, and I hoped to inspire #TheGivingEffect the next time they see food on sale for an amazing price.IMG_0875
  4. Perform a Random Act Of Kindness : If you have ever been the recipient of a RAK, you KNOW that these definitely inspire #TheGivingEffect
  5. Do you own a business that can afford to make donations? Consider offering some of your employees to choose a cause and offer to match what they raise and make a donation.  You can cap your maximum donation to fit your budget. You will inspire #TheGivingEffect and may even have a positive #TaxEffect 😉 If you don’t own such a business, but work at one, suggest it to the owner & inspire #TheGivingEffect in them 😉
  6. Time for a haircut?  Is your hair long enough to spare 8″ or more? If so, donate it, and share pics on social. Not only will you feel beautiful with everyone complimenting your new ‘do’ but you’d be surprised as to how many people you know will respond that they’ve been thinking about doing it for a while and that you just inspired them to take the plunge.  My youngest daughter did this in the fall with Pantene Beautiful Lengths and she inspired #TheGivingEffect in others 🙂IMG_3009
  7. Include kids in your volunteering efforts.  This will inspire #TheGivingEffect in them.
  8. Support companies that give back to the community.  Those of you who have been following me for a while know that this is the #1 reason Why I made the switch to Telus. For every dollar I would be spending on Telecommunications anyway, a % is going back into the community. If you don’t know the whole story, I invite you to read it (the link is the pink title you just read 😉 )

What other ideas do you have to inspire #TheGivingEffect?

Disclosure: I am part of  #TeamTelus and from time to time receive products and access to special events. As always, all opinions contained herein are my own and can never be bought 🙂

Wishing you a day of inspiring #TheGivingEffect 🙂


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