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It’s Official! I Made it to LIFETIME at Weight Watchers!!!

As many of you may recall, 6 weeks ago, I made it to my Weight Watchers GOAL. At that time I was presented with the challenge of remaining within a 2 lb range of my goal weight for 6 weeks. In other words: I needed to not gain more than 2 lbs. (above my goal weight) and not drop more than 2 lbs. below my goal weight.

I’m not going to lie, I found it daunting.  In fact, it has been the first time in my Weight Watchers journey that I have felt the need to focus on the number on the scale. Other than right before getting to goal, my objective was to ‘feel better’ and so I had not been SO focused on the number on the scale. Of course I was paying attention, but I wasn’t hyper-focused on them.

The good news is that once I weighed in within this range at least once during the 6-week period, it would be ok if my weight fell outside of the limits as long as I was back where I needed to be by Week 6. That weigh-in happened right at the beginning so I was a little less stressed about it, but I was still concerned that I might go ‘over’ or even ‘under’.  One week I was a fraction of a pound too low, but that was ok.

This week I weighed in EXACTLY 2 lbs under my goal weight, Phew!!!!  

What did this mean? I became a LIFETIME MEMBER!!!


My coach, Mehreen, who is fantastic, made a pretty big deal out of it…and you know what?  I’m actually OK with that- because it IS a big deal! My whole class applauded and it was a really nice feeling.  Most of all though, I know that I DID IT.  I set a goal and despite the fact that I have travelled many times throughout this journey, despite that fact that there have been challenging times, despite the fact that this particular week was my birthday week which involved dinner out, lunch out (twice) and cake, of course…despite the fact that life happens and isn’t always easy, despite all of the reasons NOT to stick to my plan….I DID IT!  Perhaps even more importantly, even at the times that I veered off-course a little, I always brought myself back to centre.

So YEAH…this is a BIG DEAL!!!!

Lifetime at Weight Watchers Meeting

So what is the next step for me?

Honestly?  More of the same.

I am going to:

  • Keep tracking…because tracking keeps me mindful and will help to ensure that I don’t get complacent
  • Keep attending meetings…because when I take an hour out of my week to displace myself and go to a meeting it is a reminder to myself that I am actually WORTH IT. My well-being is worth an hour of my time…and like many women (especially Moms) I need to keep reminding myself of that fact,
  • Invest the money that I am no longer investing in the program (because Lifetime Members don’t pay so long as we stay at goal!) into a savings account for another goal that I am trying to meet…Stay tuned and I just may share 😉
  • Continue to keep you posted on how I’m doing because I believe that by continuing to track, I will manage to stay at goal (or maybe drop a few lbs less- but not too much).  It is then my hope that if I am right, this will prove what I have been saying all along (and what the folks at Weight Watchers will tell you themselves): Weight Watchers is NOT a fad diet.  In fact it is not a diet at all. It is a LIFESTYLE.  It is a SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLE…and if you see me ‘keeping it off’…then maybe you will actually believe me 😉

This is why I will keep tracking and going to meetings:

  • Because IT WORKS
  • Because I’M WORTH IT
  • Because I am not about to throw away the INVESTMENT I have made in myself over the last year or so.
  • Because I don’t want to go back, I want to move FORWARD.

I feel healthier. I feel better about myself and even though I didn’t hate the way I looked before, I am definitely more pleased with my appearance now and finding clothes that look good on me is a lot less of a challenge 😉 ( FYI the pants shown in the photo above, with the tape measure, were too tight on me last year….)

There is so much more I can say, but I’m going to leave it here for now.

Questions?  Leave them in the comments below or email me…I’ll be happy to answer.

Weight Watchers works- I am living, breathing proof – and I’m in it for LIFE.



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  1. Congratulations!!! Keep going!

  2. Congratulations! I’ve considered WW before, and your post makes me think it might be time to take the plunge.

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