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Naughty or Nice? Let Them Hear it Straight from Santa!

Have you ever noticed that your kids take things WAY more seriously when it comes from a source that is not Mommy or Daddy?

Well, how seriously do you think they would take it if Santa had something to say to them- personally?

Uh-huh…me, too.  You BET they’d take it seriously!  Especially if they think that their precious gifts are hanging in the balance..

Portable North Polo (PNP) is a website that allows you to order a video of Santa addressing your child…and this is no ordinary video.

In the ordering process, you will be asked many questions, such as:

  • The recipient child’s name (including pronunciation!),
  • child’s gender, age & hometown
  • Whether the child has been naughty,nice or both
  • descriptors of daily life (e.g. goes to Kindergarten)
  • personality traits (e.g. intelligent, gentle as a lamb, etc.)
  • special efforts they have been asked to make (e.g. sharing with little sister)
  • gift they are wishing for

These will all be incorporated into the video for the child.  In addition, you will be asked to upload pictures.  They can be pictures of your home, of your child celebrating a birthday or on vacation.  You choose & you specify what the picture is from.

Again, this is all be incorporated into Santa’s video.  Santa will speak about how your child is doing with his or her goals and how it looks like they had so much fun at that party or on that vacation.


Not only does this bring magic into their lives, but frankly, it can help motivate them towards better behaviour…I mean why not let Santa help motivate them to being their best selves???

YOu can check out the video right here:

Now the piece de resistance:  This service is absolutely FREE this year as PNP celebrates its 5th anniversary.

So go ahead, visit the PNP website to find out more about this amazing Santa video from the North Pole & get Santa on your side!

And don’t forget: This also makes a great gift for someone else’s child: Nieces, nephews, grandkids & friends would all love to receive it!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,


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