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My Kids Discuss a Chocolate Body Wrap

I’ve been invited by Honda Canada to participate in an overnight road trip to seriously test drive the CRV. I’m super-excited as they’ve put together a wonderful, scenic road trip and a beautiful schedule of activities.

As part of the day’s events, we were given a choice of spa treatment. I chose a chocolate body wrap (which I have never done before).

The conversation surrounding this at the dinner table was absolutely hysterical & I thought I’d share a few quotes, solely for the purpose of making you laugh 🙂


Who’s going to wrap you up in chocolate? A person from the hotel or Daddy?”

“Can you save me some for when you come back?”

“Will you be naked?”

“Do they put it in your hair?”

“Will you come home with a tan?”

…and the most disturbing of all:

“I’d make you into a human pizza, cover you with mozzarella, get a space heater to melt it, add tomato sauce & toasted bread”

SPACE HEATER?!?! What does a 9 year old boy know about SPACE HEATERS????

Disturbing on so many levels. Don’t get me started…

Hope you had a good laugh!

Have a fabulous & funny weekend!!!



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