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Montreal Dad a.k.a. ‘The Peanut Man’ in Need of Lifesaving Treatment…Here’s How You Can Help.

Some of you may know him as ‘The Peanut Man’, others may know him as ‘The Ice Cream Man’ while others simply know him as ‘Adam’. His three young children know him as ‘Papa’. The one thing that all those who know him agree upon is that Adam D. Garonce is a kind and compassionate soul who gives from his heart without expecting anything in return.

When I heard of Adam’s situation, I asked his family to send me some information about him and his current situation so that I could put together a blog post to spread the word so that we could get the help that he needs. What I received from them was a beautiful testament to who Adam is and, to be truthful, I felt needed very little editing. Here it is:

Adam D. Garonce is a kind, compassionate human being who gives from his heart and never asks for anything in return. Many of you may remember the fun and frolic at football games in Section W at Molson Stadium. There “the Peanut Man” (aka our dear Adam) would continually entertain the crowd with his madcap and hilarious antics, showering them with peanuts and not caring if the recipients threw back the money or not.

As a teenager, Adam rode an ice-cream bicycle for Dickee Dee Ice-Cream and took his bike out rain or shine to service his customers. A few years later, with some financial help from his dear Uncle Henry, he acquired his own ice cream business, which he renamed “Uncle Henry’s Ice Cream” shortly after his beloved uncle passed away. Despite all obstacles, he continued to try to make the business a success. He would give out free ice creams to those who did not have the money to pay for it; to him seeing the smile on a child’s face was payment enough.

During the summer of 2019, while undergoing cancer treatment, he brought three ice-cream bikes full of treats to Camp B’nai Brith to share with all the children. He did not ask for any reimbursement; this was his pleasure.

Recently while undergoing tests at the Maisonneuve Rosemont Hospital in preparation for his CAR-T cell transplant, he noticed an elderly cancer patient who had just finished a test. The poor man was alone, bewildered and did not know how he would be able to get home. Adam reached into his pocket and handed the man a 50-dollar bill. When the man responded, he was taken aback and wanted to know how he could repay the favour. Adam just told him to take care, be well and just pay it forward whenever he can.

Adam has been battling Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma since May 2019. During the past 21 months he has endured countless rounds of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, extremely painful procedures and numerous hospital -stays. In late January 2021 he was admitted to Maisonneuve Rosemont Hospital for a CAR-T cell transplant since this is the only institution in Quebec that performs this transplant. Adam has been enduring painful side-effects as a result and most recently we were heartbroken to learn from his latest PET scan that the transplant has failed. Adam’s cancer is aggressive and has returned with a vengeance. While the doctors at Maisonneuve Rosemont told Adam that he has 3 to 6 months to live, we know that there are still options in the USA with clinical trials.

In late December 2020, we engaged a firm called Soteria who is based in San Diego, California. Soteria is currently working with their experts to come up with options for Adam. We know of one Montrealer who used their services after he exhausted all options in Canada and looked to Soteria as a last resort. He is living proof that there were, in fact, other options available and happily shares how he is grateful to Soteria for matching him with the appropriate treatment.

While we wish our family had the funds to pay for this ourselves, the fact is we don’t. Soteria has told us to expect to have to incur approximately $500,000 USD for Adam’s treatment. While they cannot confirm an exact amount since Adam’s situation is fluid and costs are always changing, we are using their initial estimate as our starting point. This estimate does not include the possibility of having to relocate Adam and his mom to the United States while the trials/treatments take place.

We have set up 2 fundraising options:

The first is through our synagogue – Shaare Zedek Congregation in Montreal through the following link:

Once on this link, there is a drop down box under “Payment details” where you will find the Adam Garonce Fund. If you prefer to call the synagogue, please call (514)484-1122 extension 101 for Pamela or extension 104 for Sara. You can also email Sara at Please note that donation receipts will be provided for donations made to this particular fund.

The second option is a GoFundMe page which can be accessed through the following link:

(Please note that donation receipts CANNOT  be provided for donations made through GoFundMe.)

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for any assistance you may provide. Adam is a very generous and kind person who would help anyone in need. Today we are asking for help to try and save his life. Our family and especially his three young children will be forever in your debt.

With all our gratitude,

The Garonce Family

(Ron, Peggy, Gwenn, Adam and Sharon, Ryan, Bradley, Moishe, Jonah and Shiloh)


Please do what you can to help save Adam. Every dollar helps.

Please SHARE widely via FB, Instagram, email or text.

We have seen the Montreal community rally together in the past to save lives and make the impossible come true. Let’s find a way to save ‘The Peanut Man’.

Thanks in advance,


FYI – You can also connect with Adam on Facebook or Instagram 😉

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