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Mommy’s Time Out

Amidst the teachers’ gifts I wrap
For my children, numbered four
Stepping over stacks of paper
And art brought home galore

One more day ’til school is out
Thank goodness camp’s next week
I have a funny feeling, Moms
You know from what I speak

And so today I say to you
I need to take a break
I’ll slow it down a little bit
Just for my sanity’s sake

Today the blog is short & sweet
A photo I had to share
It’s real, I saw it in the States
Should’ve bought, but left it there

It’s not so much about the wine
As it is about the label
Reminding us to take the time
Whenever we are able

You may have 30 minutes
Or only five to spare
Enjoy a cup of coffee
Get your nails done, get fresh air

Some time just to ourselves
Is what we need to be our best
So take that time-out Moms
So you can deal with all the rest.

And so with this I wish you all
A happy, pleasant day
Mommies you deserve time-out
So take some time today

What you do to take time out & recharge?  What about when you’re pressed for time?  Please share your ideas !

Have a beautiful and slowed-down day,


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  1. Dear Tanya,

    Mommies have been around since the beginning of time
    and children develop, with their own kind of rhymn.

    We care, we fuss, we do all sort of things
    To make sure our kids , enjoy all their own flings.

    Remember, though, dear mothers out there,
    It’s not always necessary to take them to the fair.
    A story read, a story told,
    Is almost always, better than gold.

    I feel young mothers of today,
    Feel the need of grand display.
    Is it good for the child in all
    No, I say, not at all.

    We live in a world of great expectations,
    Let them discover their own aspirations.

    Mothers, sit down, have a coffee and read,
    Then your child as well, will learn how to satisfy
    own need.

    Of course, this to be done, under your watchful
    And with this, I say bye bye

    • Thanks Eve for the poetic response! 🙂

  2. Great post!!

  3. Love it!

    • Thanks Nath 🙂

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