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Mommy’s Taking a Time-Out. Again.

As you may have noticed, I haven’t had the chance to blog all week, and it looks like next week may not be very different.

End of school is a busy time for all of us and we need to give ourselves a bit of a break.

That said, my dear readers, I am taking some time off – or let’s call it a Time-Out.

Last year, at exactly this this time, I was feeling the same way & wrote a short post that many of you enjoyed.  I invite you to read it again.  It’s called Mommy’s Time Out.

So if you don’t hear from me in a week or so, don’t be concerned…I will be back.  I’m just accepting the fact that I need to take some time to catch up on life as well as some other aspects of my work, like cleaning out my office & my computer 😛

Hopefully you won’t miss me too much as I hope you’re taking your own time-out 🙂

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Until next time you can find me Unplugged (minus a tweet or two, here & there!)

Wishing you a fabulous long weekend and beginning of summer!


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  1. I have a bottle of that wine in my wine cabinet. A friend got me a bottle as a gift.

    I got your email about winning! Thanks!! I will email you back with my info later on tonight after the kids are in bed.

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