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Mickey Waffles! LIVE for 5 – Tuesday, January 23, 2018

With everyone home for ‘Ice Day’ and in honour of our upcoming Disney trip, I decided to whip up a batch of Mickey Waffles on today’s LIVE for 5 segment 🙂 Apologies in advance  because the segment continues to the 15 minute mark!  You’ll get how-to and the recipe immediately but since I had viewers who were engaged and I was really in no great rush to go anywhere on Ice Day…I kept broadcasting 😉

Hope you enjoy watching!

If you are looking for the actual recipe typed out, click here.

I was unable to find the same model that was gifted to me by my family years ago but If you are interested in purchasing a Mickey waffle iron, you can find an assortment on by clicking here.

I also want to add a little ‘correction’ to my video: In the video I said that “I purchased this online” but actually my family purchased it for me! Apologies for the error!

Happy ‘Ice Day’ everyone!



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