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Honoured to be featured by Weight Watchers Canada for #MemberMonday

This week, I had the honour of being featured by Weight Watchers Canada for #MemberMonday.

What that means is that for one day,  WW Canada featured me and my WW journey on their social media. They asked me to prepare a a few blurbs with corresponding photos and for the entire day, they shared one of my posts every 2 hours. There is a blurb shared with each photo, sharing different aspects of my WW experience. Many of you followed along on Monday, but for those of you who did not, I am including links to the posts here.

I am so grateful for how joining WW has changed my life. I will continue to blog about my journey with Weight Watchers, and have actually created a WEIGHT WATCHERS section on the blog so that you can find all of my posts in a section that I have dedicated to this purpose about my journey in one place. Click here to access it or just look under the LIFESTYLE tab for “WEIGHT WATCHERS”.

Also, in case you are wondering (so many people asked me…): Yes those pants in the first post are mine and were TOO TIGHT on me last year. Weight Watchers works-I’m living proof.


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  1. Great Job mommy I’m so so soooooooo Proud of u and i love u so much

    ur the best ur amazing i’m so lucky to have u <3

  2. That is awesome, congrats! I thought about trying Weight Watchers, and I still might.

  3. That is awesome, congrats! I’ve been wanting to try Weight Watchers just haven’t gotten around to doing it.

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