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Maternity Clothing & Accessories

Going shopping for Maternity clothing can be a lot of fun, but can also be a bit overwhelming

Below is a list of things you may need. As a general rule, look for:

  • Natural, breathable fabrics
  • Comfort
  • Machine washable garments
  • As little ironing as necessary!
  • Your own style (although pregnancy can be a great time to “step out” in a brand new look, as well!)


  • Perhaps one of the first things you will need to change is your bra. You should consult the help of a professional in a maternity store & they will help you choose something that will grow with you. Some will recommend that you choose a nursing bra from the get-go so that you can continue to use it later. This is a matter of personal choice. Maternity bras work their fair share over 9 months so the nursing bras may or may not make it to actual nursing.


  • You will also feel the need to wear more comfortable underwear. For some, bikini underwear will do the trick & fit neatly under your developing baby bump. Other will prefer the type that go way over the belly. Once again a matter of personal choice. There are many styles available.

Nylon Stockings

  • While these may not be at the top of your “to buy” list, if you are someone who will often wear skirts in winter, then it may be important to you. Another option is going for “thigh highs”- depending on how comfortable you personally find them during this stage.

Maternity Conversion Belt

  • This is a special belt designed to convert regular pants into maternity pants. This should be available at most specialty shops.


  • You will need at least one pair of maternity jeans. If you are someone who lives in your jeans, you will need more. There are a plethora of styles available- under the belly, across the belly, over the belly. I loved mine that were under the belly. Try and see where your comfort zone lies.

Dress Pants

  • You should have at least one pair, more if you need to dress up for work. Pick a neutral that will go with different colours so that you can use your tops to “change up” your outfits.


  • If you dress up for work, you should get one. Get something neutral, and, once again you can change it up with shits, blouses & accessories.
  • If available, choose a 3-piece that gives you the option of blazer & pants, blazer & skirt, and of course, skirt with sweater or blouse or pants with sweater or blouse for a less formal, but still professional look. I had a black 3-piece suit that I paired with a multitude of tops, all- seasons. It took me through many meetings & presentations & given that it was a classic cut, it also took me through 3 pregnancies. It was machine washable & looked brand new even when I was finished with it. This is an example of something worth investing in.


  • Can be very comfortable if you are pregnant during the summer season. As always know your style- if you can see yourself wearing it, get it. If not- move on.


  • It’s always nice to have that LBD (Little Black Dress), even when pregnant!) This will take you to parties & you can dress it up or down with jewelry & accessories.
  • If you have a major occasion coming up, you’ll definitely need something, but you’d be surprised at how many “stretchy” fabric dresses can take you through pregnancy, even though they are not maternity dresses to begin with. Shop early enough not to get “stuck” without, but not so soon that it may be small by the night of the party. Many dresses are designed with sashes or ties so that they can grow with you. These are ideal. Once again, you can find these styles in both maternity & regular shops. Keep in mind to check the hem if you are going with a non-maternity style (the front can sometimes ride up as a result of your belly!) 


  • Pay attention to fabrics. Some tops are gorgeous to look at but you may have little tolerance for synthetics during this time. A few pieces are no problem & fun to have, but try to get breathable , comfortable fabrics whenever possible.
  • Know your style & stick to it. If you love tight fitting long sleeve T-s under your blazer or sweaters- then find the closest thing to that in a maternity cut. Then, buy it in a few colours. If you are a “blouse” person, there are plenty to choose from.
  • Know your body: if you are always hot don’t invest in a bunch of sweaters (keep in mind though that some pregnant women are always cold, while others are always cold- you may want to wait & see which one you will be!)
  • Choose pieces you can layer- this will give you maximum flexibility with hot/cold issues
  • Choose pieces that are machine washable unless you have no issue with high dry-cleaning bills!
  • Remember that your breasts & belly will “catch” a lot of spills and not all stains are removable- but these ones will be in “high visiblty” areas. So tops are a good place to invest in a few extra due to “spillage issues” :).


  • Can be convenient & comfortable in the summer months. Many choose capris instead. Personal choice.


  • Versatile as they can take you through spring & summer & part way through fall. Many are designed to lengthen into regular length pants- super versatile!

Track suits/Yoga pants

  • The best. Comfortable. Presentable. Many styles will grow with you comfortably. Get at least 2 pair (one to wash/ one to wear) and more,if you think you will use and can afford.


  • You can get away with large sizes but do make sure you have comfortable sleepwear. Again-stay tru to your style- if you normally sleep in cotton yoga pants & a tank top- that works- just make sure you have some comfy options.

Bathing Suit

  • Many women get away with wearing bigger sizes – not maternity- but generally, maternity cut is designed to fit the pregnant body. Again, there are a plethora of styles available, not only in maternity shops but in swimwear stores as well. Things to consider:
    • Will the suit grow with you?
    • A two piece makes it easier to go to the washroom. There are many tankinis that look like 1-piece suits but are way easier to work with.


  • Rainjacket, winter jacket, dress coat, windbreaker….Yes, we change jackets fairly frequently in our climate! This is a great place to buy large – it need not be maternity. It’s an even greater place to borrow or accept a hand-me-down. You do need a warm coat for winter, but you may get away with what you have for more months than you’d think. Many of us buy winter jackets larger than they need to be & are able to “squeeze” through winter. Assess the seasons of your pregnancy & your current wardrobe. If all fails then …happy shopping!

Body Pillow

  • This will be incredibly useful when you have trouble getting into a comfortable sleeping position.

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