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Order Fabulous Mabel’s Labels and Support the Search to #HelpUsFindJesse

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Mabel’s Labels… in particular the “TagMates’ that have absolutely changed my life. If you are not familiar with the Tag Mate, this is the label that you peel and stick onto your child’s existing label in their clothing ( the one that says 100% cotton or how to wash your clothing).  Just be careful not to cover up this care instructions 😉 Don’t worry, the label is small enough that it is not an issue!

Well, as many of you are aware, the search for my friend Alisa’s son Jesse continues. He went missing in Peru in early October and his family is still searching for him. In order to continue to help the family find a way to bring Jesse home, the two fabulous women behind #JesseStrongAngels have organized a fundraiser through Mabel’s Labels.  What’s great about it is that so many of us need to order labels for CAMP and even for BACK-TO-SCHOOL anyway.  All you need to do is CLICK HERE and order your labels as usual and 20% of your order will go to the Missing Children’s Network to #HelpUsFindJesse.

Please feel free to share this link with your friends and family via email, on Facebook or any other way so that they, too can help us find Jesse while they get organized for summer and back-to-school 🙂

By the way, if you have a “Glitter Girl” in your home, she will likely LOVE the new GLITTER LABELS from Mabel’s Labels. You can check them out through the link above!

Thanks so much for supporting the search and Happy Label Shopping!



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  1. Maybel’s labels are a great company with amazing product. It is really nice that they are supporting this cause. I could not imagine how hard it is to have your child go missing regardless of age. Labels are essential for daycare, school, day camp, and countless other purposes. Maybel’s labels makes this so much more easier as a mom.

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