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Looking for a Pediatrician? Look No further!

“Yes, we are accepting new patients.”

When was the last time you heard that sentence in our city?

Most of you are aware that just having a regular doctor to visit is something to be thankful for.

More than once I have witnessed parents showing up at a clinic, begging for their child to be taken on as a patient. Each time I have seen them turned away.

Sound familiar? I’m not surprised.

I’m pleased to share with you that you CAN get a pediatrician, in a central location, with great parking and access to public transportation.  Yes, they are accepting new patients. No, it’s not in a dingy old clinic.  It happens to be in the professional, clean and modern Club Tiny Tots at Decarie Square.

All you need to do is call in and let them know that you are looking for a regular pediatrician and they will set you up with one of their pediatricians who will then follow your child 🙂

Just so you know, Club Tiny Tots has a team of over 25 Pediatricians, GPs and Pediatric Specialists (including ENT, Allergist, Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Psychologist, Dieticians, Dermatologist).

What about a lab for testing? It’s right next door.

Club Tiny Tots also offers same-day appointments for kids that need to be seen because they are sick. While these types of appointments are not guaranteed to be with your child’s doctor, you can feel confident that the doctor who does see your child has access to the same medical file that his or her regular doctor keeps.

If you already have a pediatrician outside of Club Tiny Tots you may be wondering if the clinic is available to you when your child gets sick. The answer is also a resounding “Yes!”.

You should also know that online booking of appoinments is available day or night. Which means when you’re faced with that midnight issue of  “If I knew she’d see the doctor in the morning, I wouldn’t go to the hospital, but since I don’t know, I’d better take her in now.”

At Club Tiny Tots, you can book online at midnight & rest easier until morning knowing when you’ll be seen.

In addition to all of this, they have weekday walk-in clinics (without an appointment) in the event that you have not been able to get an appointment

Hours (by appointment only)
Monday-Thursday 8-7 pm
Friday 8-4 pm
Sunday 8-4 pm
Walk-in clinic Monday through Friday 8-8:30 (no appointment needed).

6900 Decarie, suite 3550
514 342-9911

So what are you waiting for?  Call Club Tiny Tots and get set!

Wishing you a day of unexpected surprises – like doctors that are taking new patients 😉 ,


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  1. Too bad they charge their patients… it’s deceiving!

    • Thanks for the comment Robyn. That’s actually a popular misconception. The charge you’re referring to is voluntary and over 90% of patients are more than happy to pay it as they are so grateful for the care they are receiving and for the accessibility of the clinic & its practitioners. All government covered services are covered by Medicare. It is a public clinic-not private. The minimal voluntary fee allows the center to run efficiently contrary to many other publicly funded clinics 🙂

  2. Tanya, you should verify the public vs. private issue; when I inquired, it was not an opitonal fee – nor is it for any of my friends whose children are patients. It is a madatory fee, however they offer a package, which once excceded you will not be further charged (unless they have changed policies in the last 3 months). The reason given to me for the fees, was that they are in fact a private clinic and as such are permitted to charge a fee, a service or admin fee if you’d like, above and beyond those services covered by medicare – and that applies to all specialists as well. I, as well as a few friends, were sucked into the whole – we offer everything and are always open, etc…. only to be very disappointed and frustrated when we a) ouldn’t get an apt. same day becuase the phone lines are always busy, b) there is an extra fee and c) the wait time to see a specialist was not shortened by being a patient – lots of hype if you ask me

    • Thanks for bringing this up Rachel. Is it possible that this occurred a few years ago? The clinic was originally considered semi-private but has since become considered a public clinic. That said, they still maintain the facilities and provide care that far more resembles that of a private clinic. It is for this reason that they request the voluntary contributions – to help to maintain the clinic’s standards. I can honestly say that my experience there has been extremely positive.

  3. I love Tiny Tots. It is very far from my house being I live in the east end of the city. Regarding charges, they charge $10.00 for every doctor visit. They also charge $40.00 annual fee which is not much at all considering the service. The only thing I find is that if they are taking on more patients how can they be able to service so many people with same day appointments or walk-in.

  4. I currently started working as one of two Speech and language therapists at tiny tots and I can tell you that the parents lining out the door to register at the front desk all seem to leave satisfied. Stop by and say hey!

    • Hi Stephanie,
      My daughter has a developmental dissabilty and needs more speech therapy then the tiny bit she’s receiving at school. I was wondering how it works with you at the clinic??
      Thank you.

      • I noticed your comment on regardign speech therapy.
        Yaldei Developmental Center on Marlowe has a fantastic speech therapist by the name of Philip- as well as other very impressive services.
        We received excellent therapies there.
        you might want to try it.
        You can email me and I’ll give you more details if you are interested

  5. I have been trying to call Tiny Tots for days on end. The service is terrible. They don’t answer the phone, they don’t return voice messages or emails. I have even tried faxing them. It is impossible to get an appointment there. I am so disappointed, I am going to look elsewhere so my newborn can get seen my someone. Clearly they can’t be any good as a clinic if this is how
    they conduct themselves!!

  6. I honestly do not know why everyone is complaining! the clinic is amazing! they always answer the phones quickly, always email and call back, yes there is a fee of $10 but its if you want to pay and i personally think its a very small price to pay for a quick appointment and up to date clinic! they have SAME DAY emergency visit! instead of waiting 6 hours + at the Montreal children general, you wait around 10 minutes and you see a doctor!i rather pay extra for good, quick, clean service where everyone is so friendly! My sons pediatrician is simply the best! The clinic is always busy and i love how they will see your sick baby in such a short period of time! this really helps calm us moms down! thank you so much for existing tiny tots!!!

    • could I have the name of your son’s pediatrician…my 11 year old granddaughter needs a pedia…..and you say your pedia is great….do you mind sharing…we live on the west island…and will go into town….any advice…??thanks


  7. I called them today. Their pediatricians are not taking new kids. They said that they can book an appointment with one of their family doctors who is not a pediatrician but practices pediatrics.

    It’s so confusing? Any suggestions?

  8. You guys should look into a new Private Clinic in Laval The Dr.’s are still accepting patients.

    • That new clinic suggested by John costs a fortune. Fee to open file. Fee for consult. Fee for emergency apt. Fee for follow up!! Insane

      • agoo is no longer private since September 24 2014. Patients are seen with their Medicare for all services covered.
        It also offers a lot of specialists and they try their best to give same day appointments
        The clinic looks amazing and the staff is extremely polite

  9. I need a dr…….. For my child new file (4month)

  10. I need a dr. (4 month baby)

  11. I need an English speaking doctor for my 10 day old baby,pls any help, thanks

    • Hi Noori, Why don’t you try calling Club Tiny Tots? You can reach them, as listed in the blog post at: 6900 Decarie, suite 3550
      514 342-9911
      Best of luck & congratulations on the new addition to your family!

  12. We unfortunately have to deal with Tiny tots for our 3 kids. We are satisfied with our pediatrician, however despite the extremely fine print the secretary always insists we pay the 10$ fee per child, which we never do out of principle. We do not use the parking lot, and in my opinion none of the services offered there resemble a private clinic, they resemble an average pediatrician assembly line. We have to go to the Children’s for everything other than yearly checkups. The girls who you are forced to tolerate before your visit, incorrectly take weight and height, and ask you questions they do not seem to understand; their positions are redundant. Also we have been calling for 5 months to book an appointment, I unfortunately do not have 45+ minutes to sit on the phone multiple times a day.

  13. I’ve tried calling to make an appointment for 3 days now…. it seems it’s impossible to get a hold of anyone who works there, or have my calls returned. It’s very frustrating.

  14. Tiny tots is the worst administered clinic you can find. Expect to get frustrated. There is no way to actually speak to someone when you have a concern or even to rectify a problem. Calls are rarely returned. When you call to speak with someone, you are transferred from one box to another and eventually it hangs up. The wait time on the phone to actually make an appointment is ridiculous. ‘Administration’ can only be reached by email and when I did that, I received no response. So I went to the Decarie office to kindly discuss and settle my bill, I was told there are no administration offices or personnel. That it was IMPOSSIBLE to speak with someone who could help me, either in person or on the phone. ..??

    It is a shame as I had a wonderful doctor within this clinic. After 6 years and 2 kids and always paying my numerous 10$ fees, many hours of waiting on the line to make appointments, and in line to confirm them, also many, many calls never returned – My patience has run out with this clinic as their treatment of clients (not patients), it is truly unacceptable.

    The fees they require for appointments ARE optional, and I strongly suggest parents DO NOT PAY them as they are but filling pockets and in no way improving services.

  15. I am surprise because I called them and they told me that there is no possibility these day to register your child with a paediatrician because we have no place they even don’t accept to fill a form and this was not the case mentioned above.

  16. I just called and they’re not accepting any new patients.

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