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Lay’s Potato Chips- Now CERTIFIED GLUTEN FREE!!!

As I’ve said before, one of the fun parts of my job is when companies send me new & cool stuff to try out in the hopes that I will share with my readers.  The BEST part of my job? When I know that by sharing, it will bring some benefit to others.

I recently received a HUGE basket filled with a variety of flavours of Lay’s potato chips.  The reason?  They are now CERTIFIED GLUTEN FREE through the Canadian Celiac Association and Lay’s wanted me to try them out and share how they stacked up compared to the traditional Lay’s we’ve come to know & love.

The basket arrived just in time for a visit by my brother & sister-in-law with the kids & so we had 6 kid-testers and 4 adults to conduct our testing.

The verdict? DELICIOUS!!!!

We did find a slight difference between the Original (plain) Lay’s that we are used to and the new gluten-free version…we liked these better! (And understand that we are fans of Lay’s to begin with! We don’t require gluten-free and so we’d recognize if we were “missing something”. We weren’t.

The difference is very subtle, but the GF version felt a little ‘lighter’, in a really GOOD way. As my husband put it: “a little less greasy”.   We loved them!

In addition, we were fortunate to sample many flavours, including Dill Pickle which I had never tried previously…OMG we are SOLD!  Dill-licious!!!!!

We also loved the Lightly Salted, the Salt & Vinegar, the Lays Wavy Original, as well as Ketchup and Cheddar & Sour Cream.  We did notice that BBQ was missing from the lineup- as it’s not available in a GF version.  That said, look how many flavours there are to choose from!

CONFESSION: When I got the email and mentioned to my family, my son told me not to accept the review request.  He told me that it wouldn’t be helping people because potato chips aren’t healthy.

You all know that I encourage healthy eating & living and that includes having treats in moderation. Lay’s potato chips are a family favourite, especially at birthdays & BBQ’s. I explained to my son that it will be helping families who need gluten-free products to have this wonderful treat available to them as well.  It will also be a great option for families hosting parties to serve so that they can accommodate guests with GF needs as well.

Rest assured that my son’s reaction to the huge basket was “You’re doing it???” followed by a consumption that was ….let’s just say NOT in moderation. 😉

The other kids?  They were ‘all over’ this project – from the very beginning…to the the very tasty end 🙂

For more information and a list of Gluten-Free flavours, you can visit the Lay’s website at

Wishing you a delicious weekend,


NOTE: Lay’s Wavy Original was initially posted as Ruffles– this was my error and the ruffles are not certified Gluten free, but the Lay’s Wavy Original that we tried are.

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  1. Thanks for the GF news! Lays chips have always had varieties of Gluten-free chips and has a website for all people with allergies. Now they have certified them Gluten-free and have marked them well because they receive so many phone calls a day asking which ones are GF and which ones are not. If you go to and click on nutritional info, they will tell you which ones are certified gluten free. Very Cool!
    If you go to you will get a list of all chips gluten-free, kosher, soy free, additive free, etc…..very helpful info with those who have allergies, dietary concerns and those entertaining people with allergies…

    Thanks for sharing this info Tanya!

    • Thanks Miriam! You are my Gluten-Free Guru!!!!! Have a great weekend!

  2. Great post, Tanya – with great news. I’m such a fan of Lays and now for even more reason! And I said it on Facebook, I will say it here: BEST. PICTURE. EVER.

    • Why Thank You Mama! So glad you like it 🙂

  3. Hi Mom’S need your help

    I am a Dad, with one daughter age 8. My wife has found that she is less and less tolerant to gluten products. Can you tell me where and what products that I can get gluten free at grocery stores, and is there any gluten free restaurants that I can take her to in Laval or in the Montreal area.

    Your help would be most appreciated
    Douglas- Dad who cares about Mom

    • Hi Douglas. What a wonderful Hubby you are! I am certainly not the resident Gluten-Free expert in Montreal, but I would gladly refer you to Miriam Pearl of Delicious Without. She is a Gluten Free EXPERT & you can find her by visiting her Facebook page at: Let her know that Tanya of referred you 🙂

      I know of Patsy Pie products that I believe are available at major grocery chains including Loblaws (but my info may be slightly out of date). I also know that PF Chang’s is set to open in Montreal this year and is widely known for its Gluten Free offerings. You can Like then on Facebook and be advised of when their 1st Montreal-are opening will be : ) Their fan page is: .

      Hope this helps!


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