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LAUNCH EVENT: Montreal’s Barbie Expo is NOW OPEN at Les Cours Mont Royal!

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the launch event for the new Barbie Expo at Les Cours Mont Royal.

The Expo is essentially a museum featuring over 1000 Barbie dolls – many dating from way back when.

From the moment we walked down the pink carpet towards a pool of water with fountains & mini cascading waterfalls, everything about the Expo is spectacular.

The space is modern and open and the chandeliers adorning the high ceilings add just the appropriate spark of femininity to complement, yet not compete, with Barbie in all of her glory.

Various themed displays are placed throughout the Expo and the walls are lined with glass cases featuring every Barbie that you can dream of.



Allow me to say that I made up nicknames for some of the displays as I went along, so while these are not the official names, indulge me 😉

The first display that caught my attention was the Barbie “Fashion Show” complete with moving catwalk, which is positioned right by the entrance.


We also got a glimpse at what I called “Boudoir Barbie” which is actually the Fashion Show’s changing room ;


Here are some of the other displays that I managed to capture:

Bridal Barbie:



There was the display I referred to as “Comicon Barbie” featuring a whole bunch of SuperHeroes ( My friend Julia from (as seen on Instagram as well as in the photo below) was particularly enthralled with this one 😉 )



Farah Fawcett- That HAIR!!!!!




Barbie in the BIG Apple



Mulder & Scully!!!!




A touch of Couture…




…and a little bit of fanfare 😉




Witchcraft & Wizardry…




The Gem Collection



There was an I Love Lucy display that I actually missed, and so much more.

As for the event itself- it was a blast. People were reminiscing about how they had this Barbie or the other. the room was filled with excitement and nostalgia.

DJ Jovie was there with his best-ever mixes that threw us back to ‘the day’.

The cakes were spectacular but by the time I got to see them, they had already served a few people. (PS I got a slice of the BIG cake and it tasted even better than it looked!)

Kudos to Bunny Bakes & Kimmy Cakes with their partner in crime, Gilles Leblanc on these fabulous creations:

Yes the shoes & ‘mannequin’ are all CAKE….


Yes, those would be 3 cakes…but the upper bods of these 3 are not edible 😉

Did I mention that there was a fabulous photo booth where I got to be a Barbie in a Box?!?!?



At the end of the night I picked up a T-shirt made especially for me:



The Eight was Fabulous.

The Expo is Perfect.

This is the largest display of its kind in the world and it is housed permanently right here in our beautiful city of Montreal.

How fun to show our kids the evolution of Barbie, especially with all the new Barbies that have just been released! ( Hear my radio interview on CBC about this by clicking below)

Oh – And did I mention that admission is FREE?

A donation of your choice towards the Make-a-Wish Foundation is requested should you drop by for a visit 🙂

Add this to the weekend list, the spring break list & the sights-to-see with out-of-town visitors this summer list.

Original initiative. Impeccably executed. Fabulously located.

Check it out.

Wishing you a day where looking back inspires you to move forward,


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