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Last-Minute Holiday Cards Never Looked so Good…or so Lively!

So you’re running late on holiday cards, but you know that a group email’s just not going to cut it.  There are reasons you’ve been procrastinating.  Things have been crazy and hectic with the kids and quite frankly, the whole paper-waste thing isn’t sitting well with you.  To boot, postage is getting increasingly expensive and …ugh…isn’t there a better solution?

YES there is!. Not only better, but smarter, creative and fun, with no paper wasted and it can be delivered in plenty of time for the holidays.

What is this fabulous solution?  Creating a holiday video card! It will take some time to get it done, but certainly no more than writing, addressing, sealing & mailing all those cards…It will also create an easy-to-access, fun memory for all your loved ones.

Andrea Allen of Vimeo shares some fabulous tips and ideas on creating your very own holiday video card:

Plan your shoot

Before you start rolling, get the family together to brainstorm and map out the scenes. You might act out a scene from a holiday movie, throw a winter dance party, or capture the family decorating the house (or each other).

Get the basics right

Make sure you have enough light and think of how you’ll frame your shots. Your video will be less mirthful and joyous if it’s too dark to see what’s happening, or if you cut off grandma’s head.

Three legs are better than two

If you have a tripod, break it out. Not only will it allow whoever is behind the camera to join the fun in front, but it will also result in steady shots and make you look like a complete pro.

‘Tis the season to be tuneful

What’s a holiday video card without holiday music? Boring, that’s what. Vimeo Music Store ( enables anyone to easily search, download, and license holiday-themed music.

The gift that keeps on giving

When you’re done putting the final edits on your holiday video card, simply upload it to a video-sharing site (why not try Vimeo???). You can protect your video with a password so only special people can see it, or create a private group so others in your family can share their holiday video cards.

Family holiday video cards are easy to put together, and for additional tips and lessons, head over to the Video Vimeo School at

Well, I hope you have a fun video shoot & I’d love to hear how the experience went as well as the feedback from the recipients.

Have fun!!!


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