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Kumon: A Progress Report

I have been meaning to write this post for quite some time now…as in from the minute after we went over our youngest daughter’s report card.

If you’ve been following the blog, then you likely know that my daughter has been in the Kumon program since the beginning of April.

If you haven’t been following, you can go back to read my last two posts about the program: KUMON: What is it, Really?

and Kumon After 2 Months: Are We Seeing Results?

During the first month we noticed an increase in her self confidence and we thought that it may be a coincidence, but we weren’t sure if it was related.

After the second month, we were convinced that Kumon had started to make a difference.  Her reading became more fluid and this was true of new texts in addition to those that she had seen before.

The end of the third month coincided with the end of the school year, at which point we received her final report card.  We did not expect to see what we saw.

As parents, we have always focused more on the comments than on the grades, although as the kids get older, we explain to them that the actual marks are important as these will play a big role in whether or not they get accepted into th post secondary program of their choice.

That said, we still look at and discuss our kids’ marks with them.  Well when we looked at the report card, we were floored.  Her grades had going up by several points in almost all of her classes. The feeling was that she’d made a ‘leap’. We looked at the grades more in depth…there was a definite increase – almost across the board.

Again, we had to ask ourselves, is it a coincidence that this leap took place after being in Kumon for 3 months?  I guess there are so many variables with a developing child that it would be difficult to say for sure, but my husband & I have a hard time believing that all of these ‘results’ are just coincidences. We truly believe that the work and practice that she is doing through the Kumon program are not only impacting her reading skills, but her entire skill set and performance in school.

So, after our daughter’s last report card, we’re prepared to give Kumon a little progress report of our own…and as far as we’re concerned, they’ve earned a solid A+ 🙂



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