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Remember Jesse? He’s MISSING IN PERU. Help Us Find Him.

Many of you will remember the article I wrote a few years ago about an incredibly inspiring kid by the name of Jesse Galganov who decided to find a way to be productive during some of his time coping with Post Concussive Syndrome by growing a moustache for Movember and generating a whole lot of money and awareness for the cause.

Jesse is now 22 years old, a university graduate and MISSING in PERU.  His mother Alisa, who is also my friend, is on her way to Peru to find her son. Rather than reiterate all of the details, I’ll let you watch / read one or some of the various reports (links below).

Jesse, with Mom Alisa prior to leaving on his trip

I am reaching out to all of you to please SHARE news reports or articles including his photo as far and as wide as you can – Share via social media, via email, just PLEASE SHARE, Especially helpful would be  if you have friends or family who are in Peru, so that maybe someone who saw him more recently can provide the family with helpful information. Please remember that even if you don’t know anyone in Peru, someone in your social network likely does, so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SHARE and please ask people to send any relevant information to

Here are some of the links:

via Breakfast Television Montreal:

via CTV News Montreal:

via Global News Montreal

CTV Evening News ( added 11:50 PM Oct 17)

Also, for those of you who pray, all prayers for the safe return of Jesse Galganov will be appreciated more than you know.

THANK YOU in advance.




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  1. I’m posting it on my FB page, hoping that any member of my family and friends in Peru will be able to help find Jesse. My prayers are for his safe return.

  2. My prayers for his safe return. I have family and friends in Peru and I’m hoping they will help by sharing your post.

  3. Praying for him constantly.
    For his safety and reunification with his family.
    There is a gofundme site in his name.
    Just want confirmation that it is legit


  4. his big mistake was begun a trekking without a guide.

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