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Introducing snapcakes….and You’re Invited to the Launch supporting ‘Just For Kids’ on October 18th! {Video}

Have you ever wished that you could make one of those beautiful, designer-looking cakes?

I recently introduced snapcakes to the world via Facebook LIVE.  Basically, snapcakes is a fantastic kit containing everything you need to turn two simple cakes into a ‘designer’ two-tiered cake.

All you need is two 6″ cakes and two 8″ cakes (or two 8″ and two 9″ cakes if you don’t have 6″ cake pans), icing and a little bit of cornstarch.  Before you ask: YES, they can be made with cake mix-and store-bought icing, I tried it myself!

snapcakes was founded right here in Montreal by two sisters: Bunny & Tammy. Bunny is a rockstar professional cake designer and Tammy is her sister who admits to having trouble in the kitchen to the extent that she ‘burns coffee’.  The full story is a little longer than I will share here, but I told it in the FB Live demo 😉 Tammy felt that she should be able to make cakes just as beautiful as those her exceptionally talented and TRAINED sister could make. Bunny told her it could not be done. Tammy took the challenge and started to do some research…and thus, snapcakes was born.

Now even those of us who want to present a beautiful, designer-looking cake at a fraction of the cost it would cost to buy one can do so, using snapcakes which includes EVERYTHING you need to make such a cake except for the cake itself, the icing and a touch of cornstarch. Did I add that once your cakes are baked, iced and chilled, the fancy decorating can be completed in a half hour or even less?!?!?  I know this because my entire FB Live demo took 32 minutes…and I was moving slowly and explain things…just imagine!

Click here or on the image below to watch:


Find my video a little too long, watch this video of the snapcakes ‘Diva’ cake being put together on hyper speed which you can find at the top of this post!

Now, I know that some of you are thinking that you can just go out to the store to buy all of the components of the kit…and you can, BUT you should know that we did a calculation on one of the kits to compare and it would cost almost DOUBLE to buy the components as the cost of the actual kit!  Buying the kit also means  not spending a ton of time shopping around to find everything you need and also not freaking out when you decide to decorate your cake in the middle of the night and realize you are missing a key component you forgot to purchase despite your meticulous list…( I cannot be the only person who has been there!)

Anyhow…Most importantly is how EASY snapcakes makes it to make a BEAUTIFUL designer-style cake yourself! That’s why I really want you to join me at the Montreal Launch Event on October 18th! You will get a chance to try out snapcakes for yourself in a hands-on decorating experience!  You will also get to enjoy:

  • cocktails & hors d’oeuvres
  • an inspirational talk by Erica Diamond
  • fun raffles & prizes ( raffle included with your ticket – no additional spend required!

…all for the cost of a $20 DONATION to Just For Kids Foundation  (to clarify ALL proceeds go to Just For Kids). Click here to get more information and to reserve your spot!

Bring a friend- or a whole group!  This is the perfect Mommy’s Night Out!

Questions?  Feel free to leave them for me in the comments section below 🙂

I hope to see you there!!!


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