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Interest-Free Loan to Install a Pool Fence-Courtesy of Laurentian Bank

With the number of drownings this year, it’s no shock that anyone who does not yet have a fence around their pool is thinking about getting one.  Unfortunately, it can be a costly endeavour.

That’s where the employees of the Laurentian Bank come in. Distraught by the news this year, they tried to think of what might be done to ameliorate the situation and thought about how the bank might lessen the financial burden by offering interest-free loans to pool owners wishing to install a fence.  The Laurentian Bank is proud to support its employees in this initiative, which is part of its community engagement program Les Petits Plus.

“This initiative was the brain child of employees who wanted to find a way to reduce the risk of drowning in Quebec. The idea found its way to us, and things fell into place. Our aim is to contribute to making at least 500 pools safer this summer,” said Luc Bernard, executive vice-president, Retail and SME Financial Services, at the Laurentian Bank. “The goal of Les Petits Plus program is to encourage our employees to get involved in their community, especially in causes that involve children and families.”

The interest-free personal loan is available to anyone who wants to install a fence to make their pool safe, whether or not they are existing Laurentian Bank customers. The maximum amount available is $5,000, with a term of five years or less. The only two conditions for obtaining the loan are that it be used to pay for a pool fence and the applicant meet the usual credit conditions. This initiative ends September 30, 2012. For more details, visit the Facebook page at

Pools purchased and installed prior to October 31, 2012 do not fall under the Quebec Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act which stipulates that any new in-ground, partially in-ground, above-ground or portable pool must be enclosed with a fence. The hope is that this program will facilitate the decision to install a fence by reducing the financial burden for owners of pools installed prior to October 31, 2010.

Without question every pool should be surrounded by a fence.  If yours is not, please look into it.

Personally, I offer Kudos to the Laurentian Bank & its employees for offering a program that just made staying safe a whole lot easier.

Take advantage. Today. Don’t put it off.  Just do it.

Wishing you sun & safety,


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